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At LCentral, we have developed unique,
complete literacy programmes.

Whether a beginning reader, someone who is having problems or a young person who wants to excel, our programmes can accommodate your child’s needs.

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Our Founding Directors

The Founding Directors of LCentral have vast experience and expertise in the fields of educational leadership and learning, business strategic development and child psychology and continue to play vital roles within the operational management of the Master Licensor.

Steve Coolican

Steve Coolican, LCentral’s CEO, is an education expert, with over 30 years’ experience in the theory, practice and administration of education in Australia and Asia.

Steve started his career by teaching young children, while working for Queensland Catholic Education, Australia. He quickly moved into Senior Administration and Principal roles where he recognised that managing the development and delivery of leading educational programs was his area of expertise.

This exceptional ability led Steve to becoming Senior Advisor to Administrators and Curriculum Heads in the Queensland Education Department, where he was responsible for the development and delivery of curriculum for young people at risk of not completing their schooling and losing their way in society. Steve’s accomplishments were recognised throughout the region in 2003 when he won the coveted Showcase Awards for innovative programming in alternative schools and again in 2004 when he received international recognition for his ‘Flexible Learning Initiative’ at the Dusseldorf Skill’s Forum Learning Choices Expo in Sydney, Australia.

Steve moved to Singapore in 2005, where he continued his research as a Literacy Specialist, supporting young children, including those with Dyslexia, to achieve their literacy goals. This move proved beneficial for Steve, as he quickly became involved in establishing and managing franchised learning centres throughout Asia.

Steve’s qualifications include a Masters in Education; Bachelor of Education; Diploma of Teaching; Certified School’s Trainer; Certified School Administration and Program Auditor; Certified Mediator; Certificate IIII Workplace Training and Assessment; and Workplace, Health and Safety Officer. He is currently researching for his PhD thesis in the area of literacy development. Steve brings a wealth of experience in behavioural management and child psychology to LCentral and is living his personal philosophy of “Dream: Believe: Create: Succeed”.

Janet Ho

Mrs Janet Ho is a systems’ specialist who understands that efficient systems, procedures, curriculum expertise and prudent judgement are essential for the success of LCentral Franchises and the children they teach.

Janet established Learninghill Educare Private Limited in Siglap over 15 years ago to enable her to “educate the leaders of tomorrow” in her own special way. She wanted to establish her business as a franchise model to reduce costs and the time associated with building up a new brand and business, enabling her to devote her time to what really mattered – the children themselves.

The winner of Singapore’s Franchisee of the Year 2009 Award, Janet has always been about “loving the children” and little else. Janet understands that starting a new business is the most difficult part, and that support and understanding are essential to new franchisees. Janet provides guidance, training and mentoring to LCentral franchisees, supporting their business growth and enabling them to concentrate on providing excellent tuition to their students.

Janet’s experience with her own and other franchise models have provided her with unique and invaluable insight into the needs of LCentral franchisees, and enables her to provide advice on business models and operational mechanics such as location, leasing, corporate governance to name a few. Janet’s skills are not limited to her exceptional business acumen. Her experience with early childhood education and strong networks within the various Ministries in Singapore make her an invaluable part of the LCentral team.

Donna Rose

Donna Rose has been teaching students in Australia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Thailand for over 20 years.

Working initially for the Tasmanian Department of Education in Australia, Donna undertook a variety of roles, including an ESL [English as Second Language] position where she developed curriculum that supported the Department’s requirements for culturally diverse communities. She also worked as a Preparatory School Manager; Early Childhood Literacy Coordinator; Teaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills Coordinator; Equal Opportunity and Ethnicity Coordinator; Rural Students at Risk Curriculum Planner; National Assessment Programmes for Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator; and as a Kindergarten Development Check Manager. Donna’s immense experience in the field of education is impressive.

Donna’s list of achievements also include planning for and providing education programmes to the Taniung Bara International community (Indonesia). This involved Donna living amongst the community to better understand their needs as she designed curriculum that addressed the specific requirements of their community.

More recently Donna spent time working as a Literacy Specialist for learning centres in Singapore before moving into the position of Curriculum Delivery Manager in Thailand where she managed the English literacy needs of children throughout Bangkok and upcountry Thailand. During this time curriculum planning, delivery and teacher in-service and training became her focus and passion, providing a leading edge to the many successful centres for which she was responsible.

Donna brings extensive expertise and experience, from a practical and theoretical perspective, to the LCentral team.

Greg Murar

Greg Murar is a tertiary qualified language teacher with a passion for learning and teaching. With a career spanning several decades and numerous countries, Greg has taught English as Second Language (ESL) students in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and Singapore, and supported youth at risk in Australia.

Greg is driven by the desire to deliver English literacy programmes that provide students with a distinct advantage during their school and working careers in a manner that best suits their learning needs and provides them with worthwhile and valuable life-long learning skills. Having lived and worked in Asia on-and-off for over 30 years, Greg has a deep understanding of the cultural diversity and protocols essential for business to prosper in the region. He has been fundamental to the successful start up and operations of franchised tuition centres in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. With this experience Greg provided LCentral with insightful systems, processes, policies and procedures that have fast-tracked the company to success in Singapore, Indonesia and China in the space of a couple of years.

More recently Greg has been involved in developing and delivering the training, systems, processes and policies required to support LCentral as it moves forward to become a leader in English Literacy teaching throughout Asia.

Greg’s contribution is invaluable to the LCentral team.