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Frequently Asked Questions: Improved and Intensive PSLE English Success Programme

LCentral’s PSLE English Success Programme has been thoroughly revised to ensure your child is competent with the newly revised MOE PSLE exam format. Our revised WorkBooks focus more on the new exam question styles and application of MOE assessment criteria, therefore making it a comprehensive guide to PSLE English, which covers all 14 language components tested in the PSLE.

Below are the questions that are frequently asked about how our PSLE English Success will benefit your child. We are excited about this development and urge all parents to speak with their child’s teacher and Centre Staff about any further queries they may have.

* What is different about the PSLE and why has this happened?

The MOE in Singapore made changes to the PSLE English exam that will be introduced in the Year of Exam 2015. The changes in question styles and MOE Assessment Criteria have been incorporated so that Primary 6 students are amply equipped with exam-savvy competencies. Major changes include those for Continuous Writing, Comprehension Open-ended and the introduction of Visual Text Comprehension and Stimulus-based Conversation.

* What is PSLE English Success?

PSLE English Success is a revised intensive programme specifically designed for Primary 6 students sitting the PSLE. Students are explicitly taught the English Language Skills and exam strategies required to master all 14 language components tested in the revised PSLE format, which will be implemented from the Year of Examination 2015.

* What are the language components tested in the English component of the PSLE?

There are 14 language components. They comprise the following:

1. Situational Writing
2. Continuous Writing
3. Grammar MCQ
4. Vocabulary MCQ
5. Vocabulary Cloze
6. Visual Text Comprehension
7. Grammar Cloze
8. Editing for Spelling and Grammar
9. Comprehension Cloze
10. Synthesis and Transformation
11. Comprehension Open-ended
12. Listening Comprehension
13. Reading Aloud
14. Stimulus-based Conversation

* How does the new revised PSLE English Success programme prepare my child for the PSLE?

The revised programme is closely aligned with the various changes introduced to the new PSLE format. On top of incorporating these new question elements, LCentral has placed a greater emphasis on writing skills. LCentral students are given intensive instruction while being systematically guided in situational and continuous writing practice each term. These assignments are followed up by models of good writing, which are analysed in class so that students can acquire better writing techniques, refine their writing style and expand their vocabulary.

Students are confident in tackling the different question types tested in the PSLE, and thus empowered to achieve their personal best.

* What makes PSLE English Success better than other programmes?

PSLE English Success takes students to another level of competency with more explicit instruction that requires them to perform at a very high standard. Further to this, by demanding greater independence from them while instructing them in exam-smart techniques, students are taken to greater heights in the levels of their proficiency across the specifically targeted language elements of the PSLE. This final stage of Success is about exam preparation and, ultimately, exam success.

In the fourth term, students gain a head start by attending a Preparation for Secondary English module that gives students a taste of what to expect at Secondary School.

* How does LCentral build exam confidence?

LCentral adopts a rigorous exam-orientated approach giving students extensive exposure to the various exam question types. Every lesson encompasses key English Language components completed in class. Teachers actively reinforce learning, reviewing clues and other exam-smart strategies in deriving the answers while students demonstrate greater independence in self-editing and self-correcting.

Full-length practice tests for Situational and Continuous Writing, Language Use and Comprehension as well as Oral Communication are included for every term. Students sit for them under exam conditions to prepare for their school’s internal examinations and the PSLE. Teachers provide detailed evaluation of each child’s performance in the form of a score and constructive comments. These identify each student’s key strengths while highlighting key areas of necessary improvement.

* My child struggles with Continuous Writing (i.e. Composition Writing). How does LCentral help him/her improve?

LCentral has developed a systematic writing plan that guides students through each step of the writing process. Students begin by analysing the key topic words, the interpretation of each visual, and in forming any connections that are relevant to the title that could form the basis of a plausible plot. This writing plan includes a story pyramid that ensures students understand the five stages of plot development. Helping phrases enrich student vocabulary and guide students in forming and expressing story ideas.

In the lesson immediately following a writing assignment, model compositions are used as the basis of an in-depth analysis of plot development and writing techniques, as well as appropriate use of higher-level vocabulary. This exposes students to exceptional writing that helps them assimilate and apply the techniques that have been examined in class. 

* What learning materials will guide my child to success?

LCentral WorkBooks Each LCentral WorkBook comprises exercises and assignments that are completed in an interactive classroom environment where active learning takes place.

LCentral HandOuts – In addition to all the exam strategies and other aspects of guiding students to be exam-savvy, a value-added feature is the LCentral HandOuts, which include Situational and Continuous Writing models. These LCentral HandOuts serve as essential reference for revision that reinforces writing skills taught in class.

* How does LCentral reinforce the acquisition of skills and classroom learning?

Most of the exercises and assignments are completed during lesson time. Corrections and the copying out of final copies of writing tasks (after they have been marked and corrected), as well as selected extracts from models of Situational and Continuous Writing, are assigned as homework. Students learn from their mistakes and hone their writing skills through the process of completing these tasks.

Moreover, our small class sizes allow teachers to develop a personal understanding of each child’s learning needs, facilitating individualised feedback and comments that assist student progress.

* How is Student progress monitored?

 LCentral’s maintains high standards when tracking students’ progress. Students’ progress throughout PSLE English Success is monitored using LCentral’s English Language Outcomes as well as the MOE Assessment Guidelines. Teachers use Outcomes’ Records to track each student’s progress, allowing teachers to cater to the student’s individual learning needs.

Student WorkBooks are utilised by teachers as another on-going record of your child’s learning. Teachers readily and thoroughly comment throughout the WorkBook and with regards activities in a manner that supports and enhances the learning process.

* How is Student progress reported to Parents?

Parents are offered individual Parent-Teacher Meetings every term [11 weeks]. These meetings ensure that any areas of concern parents may have, (or may have been raised at school) are addressed.

* How do LCentral teachers guide students to achieve success in the PSLE?

LCentral’s stringent teacher selection process ensures well-qualified and experienced educators deliver the LCentral curriculum at the high standard that makes us Singapore’s most reliable enrichment centres.

LCentral teachers recognise each child’s unique learning needs, and pride themselves on working in the best interests of each child by creating a positive learning environment.

Teachers are adept at establishing rapport with learners of varying abilities, using a personal approach to enthuse and empower them to achieve their maximum potential.

High quality standards of teaching are maintained through regular classroom observations, up-skilling workshops and mentoring from LCentral’s curriculum experts.