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Introducing our newest programme: OralEnglish

Dear Parents,

I am very pleased to announce that from Term Two 2013, LCentral will be adding another exciting programme to our extensive range of programmes, LCentral’s OralEnglish.

LCentral’s OralEnglish programme is an English oral language development programme devised specifically to improve and enrich students’ speaking and presentation skills. Through Topical Discussions, Readers Theatre and Poetry Recitals, your child will:

  • Speak/read/present with expression, proper emphasis and clear enunciation using a voice that effectively conveys meaning;
  • Project to an audience;
  • Speak/read/present fluently;
  • Pace their speaking/reading/presenting effectively; and
  • Demonstrate poise and self-confidence.

OralEnglish works on specific speaking skills’ development for children, while preparing them for a Class Performance that you will be invited to attend in the final lesson. LCentral’s OralEnglish Programme is, at present, available to P3/P4 students. The programme will be offered as both a Short Course and a Holiday Programme.

Parents should Give their children The UnFaiR Advantage by contacting Centre Managers now to find out more about the programme options for their children.

Yours Faithfully

Steve Coolican