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MOE Curriculum and STELLAR

Dear Parents,

I write to answer some questions that you may have regarding LCentral and our approach to the revised MOE English Language curriculum. Please be reassured that LCentral is on-track in providing your children with the best possible enrichment that ensures their success as effective English language communicators in a global context, at school and into their future.

The below list of FAQs is designed to answer concerns you may have.

Please feel free to discuss LCentral programmes and the below information with your Centre Manager or Teacher. They will be only too happy to be of assistance to you.

Yours Faithfully

Steve Coolican



1.         Does LCentral follow the revised oral format of the MOE English Language curriculum?

Yes, all LCentral programmes have a strong emphasis on oral language development.

2.         What is LCentral doing in response to these revised MOE initiatives?

LCentral programmes currently incorporate the revised MOE initiatives.

Singapore’s Ministry of Education has acknowledged the value of schools encouraging all-round learning and imbuing character and citizenship values. LCentral is delighted with this recognition, noting that such initiatives demonstrate LCentral’s role as a leader at the forefront of English education for young learners in Singapore.

LCentral’s success lies in its effective development of literacy, emphasis and encouragement of continued learning, and, maturing of leadership values and capabilities in our students. These aspects of all-round child development have always, and continue to be, LCentral’s priority.

3.         How do these revised initiatives impact the programmes for Primary school students at LCentral?

 LCentral programmes for primary school students already utilise strategies used in the revised MOE initiatives.

LCentral programmes are designed to develop students’ English as a ‘living language’ to be used for effective and authentic communication. That is students speaking, writing and using body language and intonation in their speech while utilising listening and receiving information as key aspects in their communication.

In our upper primary classrooms, LCentral Learning Outcomes are designed to develop students’ abilities in self expression, development of opinion, creative thinking and an understanding of the variety of perspectives and/or viewpoints that are possible given certain circumstances.  This develops confidence and becomes foundational to the development of that young person’s character.

For example, during a class discussion where two people may view the same scenario, their two perspectives maybe completely different, therefore creating the possibility for two separate opinions; neither of which is right nor wrong. The manner in which these perspectives is voiced makes the difference.

In welcoming the revised MOE initiatives, LCentral is proud of the fact that its programmes develop skills in students enabling them to effectively communicate in English where all parties can express themselves clearly and listen for understanding.

4.         How do these revised initiatives impact the programmes for pre-school learners at LCentral?

LCentral programmes for pre-schoolers include substantial oral language components that prepare them for starting primary school.

LCentral programmes designed for younger learners i.e. LaunchPad, focusses heavily on oral language development. For example, the ‘talking spot’ is a component of all lessons. Students are consistently encouraged to think and share by way of talking about experiences or sharing short anecdotes, as well as structured oral presentation in front of the group. Apart from enabling the development of grammatically correct spoken English, this broadens students’ vocabulary, builds confidence and develops competent speakers of English.

Other strategies for improving English communication skills that are utilised in classes include:

✤                  students speaking to recount situations, thus preparing them for later when such recount is required in written form. 

✤                  students being encouraged to think about situations, beyond that which they see or hear through a graphic stimulus and voice these through appropriate questioning and discussion.

✤                  Shared Book Approach encourages students to interpret the meaning beyond the text, for example, reading-between-the-lines in a given narrative.  LCentral takes pride in fostering a love of books and reading.

During each of these LCentral classroom experiences, students learn to actively listen, respect and appropriately discuss and/or question, others’ points of view, all within a grammatically correct context.  

5.         How will these revised initiatives impact my child at an LCentral centre?

LCentral programmes currently incorporate the revised MOE initiatives.

Not only has LCentral long promoted the importance of effective communication in the development of English language skills, our programmes include content that provides opportunity for students to demonstrate their abilities in effectively using these skills. This is furthered by instilling a sense of social responsibility among our students. We commend the MOE’s recognition that “English is not simply an academic exercise”.

As a two way process and to be effective and authentic, communication requires competency in all aspects of the English language; reading, writing, speaking and listening. This is enhanced through encouragement of students to voice opinions, personal and otherwise, and competently express ideas orally and in written form while listening and receiving information.  These concepts have long been, and continue to be, significant components of LCentral’s Success programme.

English communication skills are strongly emphasised in all LCentral programmes. It is recognised that an approach to learning English that sees students merely completing copious worksheets, is not only ineffective, but stifles the development of any ‘living language’ as well as any inculcation of a love of learning.

LCentral is encouraging all-round learning and imbuing character and citizenship values. As a market leader in the area of English, LCentral programmes develop students’ English as a ‘living language’ to be used for effective and authentic communication thus preparing them for their participation in, and contribution to, a community that is fast becoming an increasingly competitive global environment.