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New Course for 2014: Preparation for PSLE – Frequently Asked Questions

LCentral is pleased to announce the introduction of a new course commencing in the 2014 year. Preparation for PSLE is a revised intensive Upper Primary course specifically designed for our Primary 4 and Primary 5 Students.

Below are the questions that have been and will continue be asked about how our Preparation for PSLE will benefit your Child. We are excited about this development and urge all parents to speak with your Child’s Teacher and Centre Staff about any further queries you may have.

  • What is Preparation for PSLE?

Preparation for PSLE creates exam smart Primary 4 and Primary 5 Students, by closing the gap between knowledge and application commonly experienced as Students approach their PSLE year. As an intensive course that runs for eight terms, Preparation for PSLE Students are explicitly taught the English Language Skills and specific exam strategies required to achieve Success in the PSLE.

  • Why should I enrol my child in Preparation for PSLE?

Recent developments in the Primary School Curriculum advised by Singapore’s Ministry of Education include revised PSLE questions for 2015. It is vital that your child be fully prepared for their future PSLE exam. By enrolling your child in Preparation for PSLE, your child will not only be exposed to
the correct style of questioning and content in the PSLE but also in a Learning Centre that values continued learning, character development and citizenship values.

  • Will Preparation for PSLE definitely prepare my child for the revised PSLE?

Yes, Preparation for PSLE covers ALL of the changes to the new PSLE structure as set down by Singapore’s MOE. Students gain greater proficiency in all English Language and Usage components from PSLE Booklets A and B through the course’s systematic and explicit approach to knowledge- based learning where content is specifically taught before being practised and reinforced.

  • Why has LCentral made this change to Levels 4 and 5 of the Success Programme?

As part of LCentral’s on-going commitment to ensuring our Students receive the best quality education, LCentral has revised its upper primary levels of the Success Programme to introduce ‘Preparation for PSLE’. This exciting new course and its supporting Student WorkBooks reflect the significant MOE curriculum changes. The language activities throughout the WorkBooks, combined with explicit Teacher delivery of the course content, ensure that your child achieves a personal highest standard while being best prepared for the PSLE.

  • Why is the course structured over 8 terms?

The unique 8 Term structure of Preparation for PSLE systematically imparts and reviews Key Focus Components every Term. A rotation of activities throughout the series of WorkBooks ensures that these components are extensively covered and Students achieve maximum exposure to acquire the necessary learning and practice these components require.

  • What is included as content in LCentral’s Preparation for PSLE ?

Preparation for PSLE includes all English language components of the 2015 PSLE. Most importantly it incorporates the revised PSLE question styles and visual format as well as giving Students examination strategies to answer questions confidently and competently during school level exams and ultimately the PSLE.

  • Is my child eligible for Preparation for PSLE?

Students attending Primary 4 or Primary 5 in 2014 are eligible to enrol now.

  • Is Preparation for PSLE different to what is being taught at school?

No, LCentral teaches what is required as per the Ministry of Education guidelines. Some schools began trialling and phasing-in the revised exam format styles in 2013. However from 2014, all Primary 4 and 5 Students will be exposed to the new question styles within their schools.

  • How many WorkBooks are there?

Preparation for PSLE has a series of eight [8] WorkBooks. Primary 4 Students complete all eight WorkBooks. Primary 5 Students complete four WorkBooks before moving onto our PSLE Success level.

  • How are the classes arranged?

Preparation for PSLE allows Primary 4 and Primary 5 Students to be taught together in the same classroom. Teachers utilise the same WorkBooks regardless of the Student’s individual School Levels. Based on individual abilities, the unique structure allows the Teacher to work with individual Student to enhance their skills. There is the expectation that the Primary 5 students will perform at a much higher skill level. All LCentral Teachers are trained to deliver Preparation for PSLE according to the pace and progress of the Student.

  • How is Student progress monitored?

As per LCentral’s high standard of tracking Students’ progress, Students’ progress throughout the course is monitored using LCentral’s English Language Outcomes as well as the MOE Assessment Guidelines. Teachers use Outcomes’ Records to track each Student’s progress, allowing Teachers to cater to the Student’s individual learning needs. Teacher comments are written in the Student WorkBooks which provide an on-going record of your child’s learning.

  • How is Student progress reported to Parents?

Parents are offered individual Parent-Teacher Meetings every Term [11 weeks]. These meetings assist in ensuring that areas of concern Parents may have, or that the Student’s school has raised, are discussed with the Teacher.

  • When do Students progress to the PSLE course?

Students are promoted to the PSLE course in Primary 6. Primary 4 students remain in Preparation for PSLE where they complete the full 8 terms.

  • Can Students enrol in both LCentral’s CreativeWriting and Preparation for PSLE at the same time?

Yes, it is recommended. Skills developed in the upper primary stage of CreativeWriting Understanding Narratives further enhance continuous writing skills developed throughout Preparation for PSLE. The two programmes complement each other. LCentral recommends that Students complete all units of CreativeWriting and Preparation for PSLE to be best prepared for the rigorous demands of the PSLE in Primary 6.

Does LCentral’s CreativeWriting programme incorporate the new continuous writing style?

Yes, the upper primary stage, CreativeWriting Understanding Narratives has been revised for 2014 to include the new format (including visuals) of continuous writing. The activities within the WorkBooks extensively cover the language and structural features of writing successful compositions.