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At LCentral, we meet the needs of individual Students. Whether a beginner reader, someone who is having problems or a young person who wants to excel, our programmes can accommodate your child’s needs.

Enrolling now will secure your child’s success.

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How does your Learn-To-Read programme differ from others?


There is no other programme in Asia that compares to LCentral’s LiftOff programme.

LiftOff focusses on teaching a variety of skills to students that enable them to decipher text when reading.  That is, understanding that which they read is fundamental.  Some only teach decoding skills as reading.

We at LCentral recognise these programmes as such are lacking, and that while important, decoding is not reading, and decoding skills do not assist students in reading ‘sight’ words which comprise between 20%-40% of the English Language.  LiftOff develops in all students, a variety of word attack skills including sight vocabulary that enables them to be competent at reading and comprehending.  As a necessary component to any successful reading programme, recognition of sight words must be taught. Developing oral and written comprehension as well as rudimentary grammar skills are also essential components to the LiftOff programme.


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Do you teach phonics?


Yes, phonics instruction is a crucial step in developing pre-reading skills.

Acquiring automatic access to phonics is considered a fundamental learning outcome in LCentral’s Foundations and LaunchPad programmes which develop pre-reading skills.


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Why should I enrol my child in your learning centre?


LCentral’s success lies in its effective development of literacy, emphasis and encouragement of continued learning, and maturing of leadership values and capabilities in our students.  These all-round features of our learning programmes not only prepare students for the requirements of the MOE’s curriculum they also develop students’ abilities in self-expression, development of opinion and critical thinking.

At LCentral we recognise that literacy is a necessity, not a luxury.  Our learning centres offer a range of programmes catering to the literacy needs of children from Nursery 1 to Primary 6.  Each student is given a free, no obligation assessment of their literacy abilities to ensure that they are enrolled into the programme which best suits their learning needs. Literacy empowers people to be better.


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Who are the teachers?


All of our teachers are specifically trained in the delivery of LCentral’s programmes.

We have a mixture of expatriate and local teachers as we also recognise the value of local knowledge.  All teachers are specifically selected for their qualifications and experience.


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What does it cost?


Our initial assessment is FREE.

LCentral Programmes are sold on an 11-lesson term basis, with each lesson being 90 minutes.  Please ask the Centre Manager for more information.


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How long are your programmes?


Foundations and LaunchPad are ability-based programmes, meaning that students are promoted when they consistently demonstrate the required learning outcomes.  These outcomes are continually monitored and recorded by the teacher throughout the programmes and students are promoted to the next level of programme upon achieving the outcomes.

LiftOff Stage one is a 44-lesson Learn-To-Read programme which guides the student through a series of carefully structured phases towards independent reading.  LiftOff Stage two also introduces students to oral and written comprehension, basic sentence structure, grammar and exam practice skills.

Success is aimed at independent readers who undertake 11-lesson WorkBooks each term covering specific language areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.  Each WorkBook is specifically targeted to meet the requirements of the MOE’s English Language curriculum.

CreativeWriting is an 11-lesson mainstream programme in which students move through WorkBooks covering the fundamentals of writing narratives.  Students may be enrolled in both CreativeWriting and Success concurrently.


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How do I know my child is progressing?


We understand that parents are concerned about their child’s progress, and want to provide you with every opportunity to find out how your children are going.

Teachers record the specific learning outcomes of individual students throughout the term.  These outcomes are reported to the parents through LCentral TermReports which are sent home at the end of each term.  In the LiftOff programme, parents are periodically invited to attend part of a lesson.

Parent-Teacher Meetings are regularly arranged and our teachers are always available to speak to you if you wish to make an appointment.  It is not always possible for teachers to speak with parents privately after lessons.

If parents have specific concerns, they are encouraged to make an appointment or request a telephone conversation with the teacher. Simply contact your Centre Manager to arrange this.


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Can my child attend more than once a week?


Yes, Foundations and LaunchPad students may attend more than once a week.

Students may attend both Success and CreativeWriting in the same week.

In Singapore, our LiftOff programme is designed for weekly attendance.


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What if my child is sick and can’t attend a lesson?


They may be entitled to a ‘Catch-Up Session’ subject to our usual Terms and Conditions of enrolment.

Parents will need to contact their Centre Manager to make any necessary arrangements.


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May I accompany my children into the classroom?


In fairness to all students, parents do not accompany their child into the classroom.  This also encourages your child to become an independent learner.

Parents who are concerned about their child, may wait in the reception area until their child has settled.


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How does LCentral differ from other English enrichment centres?


We ensure that we develop all aspects of literacy for every student in every programme; that is, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Positively engaging students, encouraging interaction and independence, and engendering respect for others throughout this process gives your child the edge in developing leadership skills.


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Will my child have homework each lesson?


Yes, having additional material to support learning in the home environment is a very important part of our programmes.


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What exactly is Preparation for PSLE?


Preparation for PSLE creates exam-smart Primary 4 and Primary 5 students by closing the gap between knowledge and application that is commonly experienced by students as they approach their PSLE year.

Throughout the intensive course that runs for eight terms, Preparation for PSLE students are explicitly taught the specific English Language Skills and exam strategies required to achieve Success in the PSLE.

LCentral’s curriculum writers are in close consultation with key MOE personnel to ensure that Preparation for PSLE material follows both content and assessment objective of the revised PSLE.


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What does ‘working towards achieving outcomes’ mean?


At LCentral, we recognise the importance of both your child’s age and English language abilities.  Working towards achieving outcomes allows us to progressively develop your child’s English language skills to equip them to do well in exams and also nurture their individual potential to its fullest.

By working towards achieving outcomes we are setting the level of achievement at a place that each child will be able to reach while allowing for their extension, all the while building their confidence in their abilities.


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