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At LCentral, we meet the needs of individual Students. Whether a beginner reader, someone who is having problems or a young person who wants to excel, our programmes can accommodate your child’s needs.

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Developing Pre-reading skills


 … the first step towards your child’s reading success.


Foundations is an exciting and innovative English Language Enrichment Programme for young learners.

Foundations provides for children in the early stages of literacy development.  This springboard programme teaches young children the necessary pre-reading skills in a positive, English language learning environment.

  • LCentral students develop phonemic and phonological awareness, including accessing initial sounds (first sounds) in words and correct word pronunciation.
  • Foundations incorporates educational experiences designed to stimulate the children’s minds as they explore the English language.
  • Critical Thinking and Creative Art activities are incorporated into the lessons.  They provide a base to further develop speaking, comprehension and communication skills in meaningful contexts for young students.
  • Students are encouraged to orally express their feelings and take steps towards developing their opinions regarding simple life subjects like food preferences, colour preferences, etc.
  • Handwriting is also explicitly taught using LCentral’s unique WorkBooks.
  • Phonemic awareness activity pages are also provided within the WorkBooks for students to reinforce their English learning at home.
  • Students experience the joy of reading through listening to an array of picture story books read aloud to them.  As an essential component to active listening and oral development, children orally express their ideas about the plot, characters and pictures in a manner that encourages them to consider and explain their point of view.


Recording and Reporting

LCentral’s student TermReports and on-going lesson feedback keep parents informed of their child’s progress throughout the Foundations programme.