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At LCentral, we meet the needs of individual Students. Whether a beginner reader, someone who is having problems or a young person who wants to excel, our programmes can accommodate your child’s needs.

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Developing Pre-reading skills


… a dynamic pre-reading programme.


Your child will enjoy participating in an array of language activities as they continue to build a solid foundation of literacy skills in preparation to becoming an independent reader.

  • LaunchPad focuses on the importance of pre-readers acquiring strong phonemic awareness, phonics competency and recognition of high frequency words (Sight Words).  These ‘reading readiness’ skills make the pathway to reading much easier for young students.
  • Focusing on phonology, LaunchPad students are taught oral and written blending, segmenting of words into individual sounds and phonics.
  • LaunchPad develops vocabulary extension, grammatically correct sentence structuring, oral expression and speaking confidence.
  • Students are guided through the fundamentals of presenting a picture discussion and other oral expression activities in preparation for confident public presentations.
  • Students in LaunchPad learn to recognise frequently used English Language words (sight words) while understanding their meaning and correct use. Sight words are also incorporated into structured handwriting activities.
  • LaunchPad’s student WorkBooks engage students to work independently at home in the further development of their automatic access to phonics while practising their handwriting skills.
  • Shared reading of entertaining, quality, picture story books engenders a love of reading in students as they listen to, and express, their opinions about stories that are read aloud to them.
  • Students’ outcomes are monitored and assessed on a weekly basis to determine their individual readiness for the LiftOff learn-to-read-English programme.


Recording and Reporting

LCentral student TermReports and on-going lesson feedback keep parents informed of their child’s progress throughout the LaunchPad programme.