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At LCentral, we meet the needs of individual Students. Whether a beginner reader, someone who is having problems or a young person who wants to excel, our programmes can accommodate your child’s needs.

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Developing Independent reading skills


… a unique learn-to-read English programme.


LiftOff empowers students to read independently through a process that explicitly and progressively teaches decoding skills, at the same time as recognising the importance of developing automatic access to the most frequently used English Language words.

This programme, with its proven track record, will increase the reading age of students by several years taking them from a non-reader to that of an advanced reader with strong comprehension skills.

LiftOff: Stage 1

Your child’s reading and comprehension skills develop as they work progressively through the two stages and six LiftOff WorkBooks on their journey towards becoming an independent reader.

  • LiftOff students learn to use a variety of strategies to read. LiftOff recognises that not all words in the English language are decodable and that students need to be taught word attack skills that incorporate decoding skills in conjunction with automatic recognition of sight vocabulary for reading success.
  • Oral and written comprehension activities ensure students decipher and understand the text, which in turn empowers them to become independent learners.
  • In each lesson, LiftOff students enjoy reading aloud entertaining and original stories as they develop their reading fluency and reading confidence.
  • Spelling rules are introduced and reviewed throughout the programme alongside practice activities that develop spelling skills.
  • The LiftOff WorkBooks allow students to further practise their newly acquired reading and spelling skills at home with confidence.

LiftOff: Stage 2 

LiftOff Primary Practice is a gentle introduction to what is expected of the children in their Primary School years. Coupled with the skills that the children have developed during Stage 1, students are increasingly exposed to, and become competent in:

  • Comprehension skills practice;
  • Reading aloud;
  • Leadership and citizenship values;
  • Vocabulary usage and application;
  • Structured conversation;
  • Composition writing;
  • Grammar concepts and application;
  • Listening skills; 
  • Oral Picture Discussion; 
  • Editing skills; and
  • Examination practice.


Recording and Reporting

LCentral’s student TermReports and on-going lesson feedback keep parents informed of their child’s progress throughout the LiftOff programme.