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At LCentral, we meet the needs of individual Students. Whether a beginner reader, someone who is having problems or a young person who wants to excel, our programmes can accommodate your child’s needs.

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Advanced English language skills


… a complete English Literacy Programme for Primary School students embedded with Value’s Education. 

Following the Singapore Primary School English Language Syllabus, this exceptional programme consists of three stages to cater to independent readers attending Primary School.


Stage 1:

Your child’s English skills will be extended and enriched as they are guided towards becoming independent and proficient communicators in all aspects of English.

  • Through on-going outcomes-based assessments, Success teachers identify specific language areas that your child needs to develop further.  Small class sizes allow teachers to accommodate students’ individual learning needs.
  • TestPrep is designed to ensure that your child is fully prepared for their school examinations.  Success WorkBooks take homework to the next level by incorporating TestPrep – drill language activities, based around topics of relevance for Primary students.
  • Oral-presentation – language development is a strong feature of Success.  Students are taught strategies for appropriate interaction in a variety of settings including formal conversation, debate and discussion.  Students read age-appropriate literature from a variety of genres to further their reading fluency.


Success enables students to excel in all areas of English Literacy.  Students sequentially develop and extend their skills and competencies as effective and authentic communicators of English through:

  • grammar and application;
  • vocabulary usage;
  • oral;
  • reading aloud, picture discussion and conversation;
  • CreativeWriting;
  • composition;
  • situational writing;
  • reading comprehension;
  • self-editing and spelling;
  • listening comprehension;
  • interactive oral language activities; and
  • examination skills.


Stage 2: Preparation for PSLE

LCentral  values the importance of all students being given the opportunity to achieve their personal best in their examinations.  Preparation for PSLE students are introduced to the Ministry of Education’s expectations, activities, and structure of the new PSLE format for 2015. Specific activities include:

  • Continuous Writing Skills;
  • Comprehension OE;
  • Stimulus-based Conversation;
  • Situational Writing;
  • Listening Comprehension; and
  • Reading Aloud.

LCentral’s Preparation for PSLE is strategically designed to close the gap students experience advancing from Primary 4 to Primary 6. It builds a strong foundation for students in adapting their English language skills to tackle the revised exam components. Incorporating the new PSLE question styles, Preparation for PSLE explicitly develops students’ independent writing and oral skills to an advanced level.

On completion of the eight term Preparation for PSLE course, students are eligible for PSLE Success.


Stage 3: PSLE English Success

LCentral values the importance of all students being given the opportunity to achieve their personal best in examinations.

 In line with the MOE’s revisions to the PSLE English exam format starting from the Year of Examination 2015, LCentral has incorporated the various changes in question styles into our curriculum. Our PSLE Success students are given the edge and amply prepared for the exam and new format. We adopt a rigorous exam-orientated approach in equipping them with the requisite skills and strategies in mastering each of the 14 language components tested in the PSLE.

The PSLE Success programme includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all 14 language components tested in the PSLE;
  • Systematic instruction and detailed evaluation of individual student’s performance from teachers;
  • Full-length Practice Papers (Exams) each term – these are modelled closely on the PSLE exam format. Following each exam, students receive intensive exam revision practice in the run-up to their school’s internal exams as well as the PSLE itself. These exams also include practice in Situational and Continuous Writing, Language Use and Comprehension, and Oral Communication. The question elements enable students to consolidate their newly acquired knowledge while pitching to a more challenging level that further stretches their ability;
  • Situational and Continuous Writing Models – these provide students with samples of top-notch writing which enable them to apply various exam-savvy techniques, expand their vocabulary and polish their writing skills to exceptional levels;
  • For more information, please visit our FAQ page.


On completion of the PSLE programme, students are eligible for Preparation for Secondary.

Preparation for Secondary is a unique programme designed to make smoother the transition from primary to secondary school through the introduction of Secondary One type English Language activities.  Preparation for Secondary explores English Language learning areas through:

  • Reading and Viewing;
  • Speaking and Representing; and
  • Writing and Representing.


LCentral’s student TermReports and on-going lesson feedback keep parents informed of their child’s progress throughout the Success programme.