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Want to know more about how much LCentral can benefit your child? Take a look at what our students and their parents have to say about us!


Dione and son, Timothy

Our son was initially enrolled in the LaunchPad programme. After a short period, he was promoted to LiftOff. I like the fact that the centre promoted him based on his ability and progress.

A few months into LiftOff, we could see significant progress in his spelling, reading and comprehension skills. As the centre helped him build a good foundation in phonics, he was able to spell new words based on their sounds, without help.

Before he finished LiftOff, he was already an independent reader. We were so happy. Due to the fun and encouragement from the teacher, he loves reading tremendously

Thank you to our lovely teacher and the centre staff for everything. We will be back next year for Preparation for Success and cannot wait to see our son fly again.


Irene and son, Jarold

We came to know about LCentral from Young Parents magazine when we were searching for an English learning centre for our younger child three years ago. After some research, we decided to enrol Jarold in LCentral for his preschool enrichment development due to many great and positive reviews posted online.

The very first impression we got of LCentral is the cozy learning environment which we think is one of the important elements for a child’s development. The teachers at LCentral are very patient with their students. They constantly provide guidance and accommodate individual needs. The staff are all very friendly and helpful especially the Centre Manager, who always goes the extra mile for customer service.

Jarold used to be a very shy boy when he first joined the centre but he quickly built up his confidence after his second term in the course. Jarold is in Primary 2 now and we can really see the growth and development in his language ability.

We really like the intensive English language and reading programmes which enabled our children to excel in all components based on the Ministry of Education’s curriculum.


Jasmine and son, Jing Kai

My son, Jing Kai has been with LCentral for almost two years. He has shown improvement in his English. He has also learnt the correct structure of creative writing pieces and that helps him to gain higher marks in his composition during examinations. The weekly spelling tests also help him to build up his vocabulary.

Jing Kai enjoys interacting with his teacher and looks forward to attending the class every week. My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank his teacher and LCentral for helping Jing Kai in his English and also making the class interesting for every students. Thanks LCentral!

Sharon and daughter, Lexuan

My daughter Lexuan has been attending the LiftOff programme and I am really pleased with the significant progress she has made. When she first joined this programme, she was having challenges with phonics, blending and reading.  Within six months, she has become a lot more confident in reading independently. I think that the curriculum is very robust and has provided her with a strong foundation for literacy success.

I would like to give special thanks to her teacher who is an extremely dedicated and committed teacher. He is willing to go above and beyond to do whatever that is necessary to help the children excel. The kids enjoy his lessons and his classes are always filled with fun and laughter. He helped identify my child’s areas of weakness and gives us prompt feedback on her progress. This is vital as it allows us to work hand in hand with him to help reinforce my child’s learning. We are extremely impressed with his passion, dedication and commitment. Lexuan is indeed very lucky to have him as her teacher.

 I highly recommend LCentral to any parents wants their children to have a head start in English. LCentral has the right mix of a quality curriculum and passionate teachers. This sets LCentral apart from other schools.


Mrs Ho and children, Reyes and Clarice

The teachers at LCentral are friendly and approachable and my two children look forward to attending their weekly classes. The teachers have helped my son (who is in K1) to learn to read and he now attempts to read unfamiliar words by applying the technique he has learned in class. I have also seen improvements in my daughter’s composition writing. She has learned to expand on her ideas and is more creative in her writing and this has helped her at school.

Daphne and daughter, Jasmine

Jasmine has been in LiftOff classes since last term. She loves the classes a lot and has made good progress. She can read and write much better than before. She also loves reading story books now. We would recommend that anyone who needs improvement in their English skills study at LCentral. The teachers are patient and professional.

Angela and son, Luis

I was looking for a school for my son, Luis, to acquire phonetic and reading skills as I felt those were important skills to acquire at the kindergarten level. I was introduced to LCentral by an ex-colleague as I had witnessed that her son improved his literacy skills tremendously, within a short time frame, after he enrolled into the LCentral programmes.

When Luis first joined LCentral, although he was quite good with spoken English, he was unable to read. After completion of the Foundations, LaunchPad and LiftOff programmes for the past two years, I am very pleased that he is totally transformed from having no knowledge of reading to reading everything and anything he can lay his eyes on. He has grown more confident and is now able to read independently. I was pleasantly surprised that on a recent family holiday to Hong Kong, Luis attempted and was able to read most of the road signs, as well as instructions on any materials or brochures we had. In fact, it was very easy for him to learn his spelling after he had acquired the phonetic skills. Luis has just completed his LiftOff programme and is now enrolled in Success PFS (Preparation for School) and I am confident that he will be able to acquire additional literacy skills, such as creative writing, comprehension, grammar and vocabulary to prepare him for a smooth transition to Primary One next year.

I have introduced many friends to LCentral and will also definitely enrol my younger son, Lucas, into the LCentral programmes when he is at the Nursery One level.