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Creative Writing: Writing with Confidence

Dear Parents,

I am very pleased to announce that from Term One 2013, LCentral is offering CreativeWriting as a mainstream programme. This results from the overwhelming popularity of our CreativeWriting Short Course.

The lessons are interactive and stimulating.  They will be delivered by our experienced teachers and give students ideal learning opportunities as they critically analyse LCentral model compositions.  These also guide your child through the Language and Structural Features of writing Narratives. Your child will write impressive compositions by learning to:

  •  Develop creative settings and interesting characters;
  •  Write using powerful vocabulary, descriptive action, pace, tension and excitement;
  •  Paint vivid images through figurative language; and
  •  Edit and proof-read to high standards.

Students who previously benefited from our CreativeWriting Short Courses can be assured that their writing skills will be extended through the implementation of new activities in the revised Mainstream programmes.

Parents should Give their children The UnFaiR Advantage by contacting Centre Managers now to find out the best possible CreativeWriting programme options for their children.

Yours Faithfully

Steve Coolican