LCentral English —  May 15, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Digital Lessons?

We sincerely appreciate your encouragement and support of our decision to proactively suspend physical classes until Sunday, 13 June and transition to Digital Lessons. This decision was made keeping the best interest of our students, parents and staff, and it was implemented well before the suspension was made mandatory by the government.  

Following the national address by our Prime Minister and the subsequent press conference held by the multi-ministry taskforce, we certainly welcome the initiatives introduced and measures taken to further safeguard Singapore and its population. We echo similar sentiments that it is important to take pre-emptive measures to be proactive rather than to be reactive.

We have since been monitoring the situation closely. At LCentral, our priority is our duty of care to our students and staff. LCentral will continue with Digital Lessons until the end of Term 2. The tentative date to resume physical classes is on Monday 28 June 2021 subject to prevailing government regulations, i.e. measures or restrictions in place.

We have carefully and thoroughly considered all information and factors regarding the safe resumption of classes before arriving at this decision. The present situation is very fluid, particularly in the last two weeks and most probably in the immediate future. We recognise the efforts put in by the whole of Singapore into reducing the number of cases in the community. 

The next two to four weeks play a crucial part in curbing the spread, which will allow for restrictions to be eased and an eventual return to Phase 3. Therefore, we have decided to contribute and play our part to keep our students safe. 

It is our honest intention to keep our students and staff safe by continuing Digital Lessons until the end of Term 2, which is approximately the next three to four lessons.

When will Digital Lessons start?

Digital Lessons (online classes) will be conducted from Monday 17 May to Sunday 27 June

In the event that there are no further concerning spikes in Covid-19 cases and once we have established that it is safe to resume operations, in compliance with existing measures, physical classes will resume at all centres from Monday, 28 June 2021.

What are the benefits of the Digital Lessons?

Our objective is to ensure that your child receives continued support to maximise their learning from home. 

LCentral’s Digital Lessons target key learning areas, allowing for teacher-student interaction and adhering to LCentral’s curriculum pedagogy. We ensure this by following the curriculum and workbook contents.

How are Digital Lessons conducted?

We are committed to ensuring that your child’s learning continues seamlessly. Our priority is to ensure that the Digital Lessons strictly adhere to LCentral’s curriculum pedagogy, principles of face-to-face teaching, and follow the workbook materials. 

The Digital Lessons are facilitated through LCentral’s Virtual Classroom (LVC) for 90 minutes per lesson. The Digital Lesson starts at the scheduled lesson time.

What is LCentral’s Virtual Classroom (LVC)?

Centre-based teaching moved to the virtual world!

LVC is a video conferencing teaching platform that allows for teacher-student interaction. LVC teaching will be lively and interactive with our teachers leading discussions, stoking curiosity, inviting questions, guiding your child, and encouraging participation.

Can you tell me more about LCentral’s Virtual Classroom (LVC)?

LVC is not just a video conferencing platform like ZOOM. It is a virtual classroom that provides interactive video conferencing features. As a reputable brand, we are committed to protecting your data. The LVC platform offers safety features to provide a secure online learning environment.

LVC is designed to allow for teacher-student interaction. The language activities led by the teacher ensures that your child receives individual attention, feedback and guidance.

What platform are you using for LCentral’s Virtual Classroom (LVC)?

We are pleased to share that we will be using ClassIn for our LVC platform.

At LCentral, we take education seriously. We are not in favour of using a basic video conferencing platform. We want to make sure that we use a platform that is specifically designed for online teaching that meets our requirements as follows: 

  • Reputable and reliable
  • Proven track record
  • Data protection 
  • Secured connection 
  • Interactive teaching tools
  • Conforms to LCentral’s curriculum
Do I need to create an account with ClassIn to enter LCentral’s Virtual Classroom (LVC)?

Yes, you will need to create an account with ClassIn. 

  • An account has to be registered using a valid mobile number. 
  • One account is needed per child. 
  • If you have two or more children attending classes at LCentral, you can only use one mobile number for each child. 
  • We will provide assistance in registering for accounts should you have two or more children attending classes at LCentral.

Note: Registration and setup is not required for students who have attended Digital Lessons last year and already have an account with ClassIn.

Will LCentral send me a guide on how to register for an account?

Yes. Our commitment is to be there every step of the way to help you and your child with learning from home. We will send an instructional guide on how to set up an account with ClassIn.

Please feel free to directly contact the centre staff on the centre mobile should you need further assistance or clarification.

Are the Digital Lessons different from the lessons that I enrolled my child in?

No, Digital Lessons follow the workbook contents and the curriculum lesson plan. Digital Lessons are a continuation of centre-based lessons at home during the temporary suspension of physical classes. 

Lessons will continue in sequence until classes resume at the centre.

Do the Digital Lessons follow my child’s scheduled lesson time?

Yes, that is correct. 

Each Digital Lesson is a 90-minute LVC session.

LVC sessions follow the scheduled class time. E.g. if your child usually attends class on Monday at 2 pm, the LVC is at that same time. 

We will endeavour to ensure that there are no changes made to the schedule. The centre staff will directly advise you if there is a change in lesson schedule or provide assistance if you would like to request a change in lesson schedule.

Is there reason to be concerned about the 90-minute lesson duration?

At LCentral, we understand that 90 minutes of screen time may be viewed as a concern, especially among younger children. 

However, an important point to note is that not all screen time is equal. 

For example, a student watching TV and a student participating in online lessons are two different experiences. Passive screen time is unhealthy. Quality screen time can add value to a child’s learning experience. 

Our Digital Lessons are designed to actively engage students and motivate them in each lesson to make the learning experience meaningful.

Will it be the same teacher?

Yes, Digital Lessons will be conducted by the same teacher as before. We understand the importance of ensuring that the same teacher is assigned to your child and we will do our absolute best to minimise any disruptions. Should there be a change of teacher, it will only be due to valid reasons like teacher unavailability, medical reasons, etc.

Will it be the same class size?

Yes. At LCentral, we believe in small class sizes for effective lesson delivery. Small class sizes allow for the teacher to offer your child individual attention, feedback and guidance. The class size will remain at a maximum of 10 students per class.

How do I prepare my child for Digital Lessons?

For your child to have the best possible experience we have listed the Digital Lessons requirements as follows:

  • Desktop/Laptop/Tablet
  • Ensure that webcam and audio is enabled
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection 
  • Help your child log into ClassIn 10 mins before the start time 

Please ensure that your child also has the following more traditional technology at their disposal:

  • LCentral workbook
  • Working space, so they can write in their workbooks, etc.
  • Additional blank paper and exercise book
  • Lead pencils and eraser
  • Coloured pencils (for fine motor skills development for younger students, and marking and editing student work for older students)
How does LCentral ensure quality of lessons and curriculum delivery?

LCentral Teachers are trained and qualified professionals. Our Teachers are responsible individuals who introduce energy and enthusiasm in a way that actively engages your child. 

Digital Lessons are no different from physical lessons. Teachers follow the workbook contents and adhere to the curriculum lesson plan set by LCentral Head Office. They also have access to resources and guides that help them to deliver meaningful lesson experiences. 

LCetral Head Office conducts regular quality control checks to ensure your child’s best interest is being met. 

Digital Lessons are periodically recorded for LCentral Head Office to ensure the quality of lessons, explicitly for the purpose of curriculum delivery and system performance. This is in view of the suspension of physical classes, and monitoring cannot be done physically. The recording is for internal purposes only and will not be shared or released, and is only intended for Head Office access.

Does my child need to upload their homework for marking?

No, it’s not required as the homework pages are marked as a group at the beginning of the next lesson. Students use a coloured pencil for corrections, just like in a regular lesson.

However, writing tasks need to be uploaded for marking. This is only applicable to selected programmes. The Centre staff will keep you informed if your child has a writing task.

Who do I contact if I need assistance with Digital Lessons?

We are here ready to assist you every step of the way. Should you need any assistance with any aspects of the Digital Lessons, please contact your centre on their centre mobile phone. Alternatively, you may send an email to HeadOffice@LCentral.net