Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang


Cooperation Model Composition 1

Kai Le and Kai Wen huddled together, studying the recipe carefully. Their parents had to attend an important event, entrusting the siblings with a responsibility – cooking dinner for themselves. Their mother had left them a carefully-written pasta recipe, complete with a list of basic ingredients and reminders about kitchen safety. “Don’t worry, Mum and Dad, we’ve got this!” they cheerfully reassured their parents that morning as they waved goodbye at the door.

As the day wore on and evening approached, the siblings eagerly set about their culinary adventure. Kai Le carefully put a pot on the stove while Kai Wen washed and prepared the vegetables. When the water came to a boil, Kai Le carefully added two portions of spaghetti to the pot and waited for it to cook till it was al dente.

To his dismay, Kai Le encountered an unexpected obstacle. Draining the hot water through a sieve proved to be a challenge beyond his strength. Just as frustration threatened to set in, Kai Wen stepped in, offering a helping hand. Kai Wen held firmly onto the sieve while Kai Le poured the contents of the pot, steadily draining the water.

The siblings soon realised that teamwork and cooperation were the key ingredients they needed. Together, they set about preparing the bolognese sauce. Kai Wen skilfully diced the onions and tomatoes before passing them to Kai Le who sauteed them in a pot over the stove. Before long, two plates of mouth-watering pasta were laid out on the kitchen table. Kai Le and Kai Wen eagerly sat down together, indulging in the fruits of their labour.

When their parents returned home, they were greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere and the aroma of a homemade meal. Kai Le and Kai Wen proudly recounted their experience in the kitchen. Their parents were immensely proud of them for working together on the task and were heartened by their growing independence.

Cooperation Model Composition 2

The azure waters stretched out as far as the eye could see, cool and inviting as the sun beat down mercilessly on the beachgoers. Overhead, seagulls soared gracefully, their calls adding to the vibrant atmosphere. The school holidays were in full swing and Joan, Nick and Faith were eager to build a sandcastle. They had brought along an array of colourful seashells, sculpting tools, and a burst of creativity.

Settling in a cosy corner of the beach, the three friends began to work on their project. They eagerly filled up their buckets with sand and piled them into a small dune. However, as the hours ticked by, their enthusiasm began to wane, giving way to frustration. Their sandcastle had collapsed again and again.

Just then, two boys approached the dejected group with a tentative smile and extended an invitation for cooperation. The siblings, too, had failed in their attempts to bring the sandcastle they had envisioned to life. Joan, Nick and Faith exchanged glances and broke into wide smiles. They nodded in agreement and welcomed the brothers into their group.

With renewed determination, the five children gathered around the scattered remains of their individual castles and began to collaborate. The brothers’ skill with shaping sand merged seamlessly with the trio’s eye for aesthetics. The brothers patiently explained the theory behind creating a solid structural foundation, while Joan, Nick and Faith shared their sculpting tools and gave suggestions on design.

Laughter filled the beach as they toiled together, and soon, a majestic mediaeval sandcastle complete with intricate details stood before them. As the sun began its descent, the five children gazed at their masterpiece in awe. They understood that by working together, they could achieve far greater things than they ever could on their own.

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