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Pesan Sekarang

Helping Others

Helping Others Model Composition 1

Jane was scribbling away at her desk when she saw her classmate, Zi Xuan, hobbling into the classroom on a pair of crutches, a look of discomfort evident on her face. Zi Xuan had her right ankle in a cast. Slowly, she put both crutches in front of her before taking a leap on her left leg as she made her way clumsily to her desk.

Without a second thought, Jane sprang into action. She approached Zi Xuan with a warm smile and extended a genuine offer to help. “Hey, Zi Xuan! Would you like some help getting around?” Jane asked with a wide smile on her face. Grateful, Zi Xuan nodded appreciatively, her expression mirroring the relief she felt deep within.

The two girls formed an instant bond. Jane became Zi Xuan’s helping hand, carrying her books and ensuring she had everything she needed. During recess, Jane offered to buy lunch for her new friend and they ate together while chatting about their day.

As they moved from classroom to classroom for their lessons, Jane made sure that there was ample space in the hallways for Zi Xuan to move about. With a chirpy voice and a wide smile, she politely asked the crowd to make way for her injured classmate.

News of Jane’s compassionate acts quickly spread among their peers, with many more students offering their help to the two friends. As days turned into weeks, Zi Xuan’s ankle gradually healed, freeing her from the confines of the crutches. As Jane reflected on the happenings of the past weeks, she could not help but feel a sense of fulfilment and joy.

Helping Others Model Composition 2

Ethan’s eyes widened in surprise as his mother wearily stepped through the front door, her arm encased in a cast. “What happened?” he asked, his voice tinged with worry and concern. His mother winced as she struggled to close the door behind her, before settling down on the sofa. She explained that she had slipped on a puddle of water on her way home, resulting in a light sprain.

Determined to ease his mother’s burden, Ethan made a silent promise to himself. He would step up and assist her in any way he could. Ethan took on the responsibility of helping his mother with the housework. Under his mother’s careful guidance, Ethan dusted the shelves, washed the dishes, did the laundry and even attempted his hand at cooking.

Each day, Ethan dutifully checked on his mother, expressing genuine concern for her comfort and asking about her injury. Taking care of the chores after a long day of school did not prove to be easy. There were days where Ethan felt completely exhausted and all he wanted to do was lie in bed after getting home from school. He also had to sacrifice his gaming time with his friends, something which he indulged in and enjoyed very much.

As Ethan grappled with the chores, he could not help but reflect on the immense effort his mother had poured into raising him single-handedly. A newfound understanding washed over him as he thought about the countless sacrifices she had made for their family.

As his mother’s sprain healed and her strength gradually returned, Ethan breathed a sigh of relief. Through this experience, Ethan not only learnt the practical skills of maintaining a household but also gained a deep appreciation for his mother. Ethan promised to continue sharing the burden of the housework and resolved to support his mother through any obstacles that lay ahead of them in future.

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