Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

A New Experience

A New Experience Model Composition 1

It was a day of brilliant azure skies when Eliza and her family decided to venture beyond the familiar. The holiday at the coastal town of Coral Bay was already a tapestry of new experiences, but none as thrilling as the one that awaited them that day. They were going snorkelling in the vibrant reef just off the shore.

As they approached the water’s edge, the instructor, a man with a face weathered by the sun and sea, gave the family of four a briefing. They were instructed on the various snorkelling equipment and gently reminded about the rules of the reef. Eliza listened intently, memorising every word.

The boat ride was short but exhilarating. They tore through the waves and soon found themselves bobbing on a clear expanse of the sea a short distance away from shore. The fins felt awkward on Eliza’s feet, and it took a little while to get used to breathing through the snorkel. She looked around at her parents and younger brother who were all geared up, and a sense of excitement and anticipation bubbled within her. They were about to set off on a new adventure!

The moment Eliza’s face submerged, the world transformed. The sunlight pierced the water in slivers of gold, illuminating the marine life below. Beneath the surface, the sea came alive with a ballet of fish darting between colourful corals. It was a sight to behold.

At first, Eliza stayed close to her family, with the comforting silhouette of her father and the gentle guidance of her mother within arm’s reach. As her confidence grew, she ventured a little further. Eliza watched as a clownfish darted among the anemone, a peek into a symbiotic relationship she had only read about. The climax of their adventure came when a curious turtle, ancient and graceful, emerged from behind a large pile of rocks. It seemed to make eye contact with Eliza, and she could not help but hold her breath and give a little wave.

On the boat ride back, Eliza sat quietly, her gaze fixed on the horizon. Her first snorkelling experience had been nothing short of magical, and she knew that they would definitely be coming back again.

A New Experience Model Composition 2

Jake’s heart drummed in his chest as he stood in line. For years, he had listened wide-eyed as his older brother, Max, raved about the tallest roller coaster in the region. “It’s the best!” Max would say. Whenever they visited the amusement park, Jake would watch enviously as Max raced to join the snaking queue in front of the colossal steel giant known as the ‘Sky Scream’. Then, he would squint at the sky as the ride carrying his brother roared along its metallic tracks, wishing that he was up there with his brother. But today, Jake was no longer a mere spectator. He was finally tall enough to go on the ride!

As he queued, Jake’s eyes were glued to the looping, twisting track. Every shriek and scream from the riders made his heart skip a beat with a mix of nervousness and anticipation. He had never ridden a roller coaster before, and today was the day he would conquer his first. “You’ll love it!” Max exclaimed enthusiastically beside Jake, patting him on the back. “Yeah!” Jake beamed.

When it was finally their turn, Jake bolted into the seat and the safety bar clicked into place. He held tightly onto the cool metal with a wide smile plastered across his face and his eyes alight with excitement. The roller coaster started with a slow ascent, clacking rhythmically as it climbed the metal mountain. Jake’s anticipation peaked when they reached the tallest point and he exchanged a smile with Max.

Then, with a gut-wrenching lurch, the roller coaster plunged. Jake’s excitement instantly morphed into fear as the world dropped away. His stomach leapt into his throat, and the world became a blur of sky and steel. The merciless ride whipped him left and right, up and down, and his stomach did somersaults with every gravity-defying loop. Too stunned to even scream, Jake closed his eyes and willed for the ride to stop.

When the roller coaster finally began to slow, Jake’s relief was palpable. Back on the ground, he stumbled out of his seat and almost collapsed into his brother. “How was it?” Max asked expectantly. Jake looked at him with his face as pale as a ghost. “Wow,” was all he could manage. Despite the terrifying ordeal, there was something about it that made Jake smile. He had tried something new and emerged shaken but intact.

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