Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

A Priceless Gift

A Priceless Gift Model Composition 1

“Is everything ready?” Harry’s mother called from the living room. Harry gazed down at the photograph he held in his hands, its edges yellowed with age. Taking a deep breath, he carefully placed the cherished picture in his large suitcase. Memories flooded his mind as he zipped up the suitcase, transporting him back to that precious day in his childhood, a decade ago.

It was an uneventful Saturday afternoon. Harry yawned as he lounged on the sofa, half-listening to the news reporter as he droned on about the events of the previous day. “Harry, shall we go to the mall?” his mother asked suddenly, switching off the television. Harry stared blankly as his mother. “Sure,” he said, his voice laced with uncertainty.

Since he started primary school, Harry had been occupied with his studies, homework, and after school activities. It had been a long time since he last spent quality time with his mother and he was unsure how to feel about the sudden invitation.

Harry’s mother suggested that they watch a movie. The two made their way to the cinema and decided on a popular animated film that had captured the hearts of many. Armed with popcorn and drinks, they settled into their seats, ready to watch the movie. The screen came to life, and Harry found himself immersed in a world of laughter and adventure. With each shared chuckle and glance exchanged, Harry discovered a new side to his mother.

After the movie, the two sought refuge in a cosy cafe. Harry indulged in a huge serving of waffles and ice cream, relishing the flavours and the company. “Did you have fun today?” his mother asked. “Yes!” Harry exclaimed, beaming widely. His mother chuckled when she noticed the ice cream on his face. “Look at you,” she laughed affectionately. An idea sparked in her eyes, and she reached for her camera. “Let’s take a photo!” she suggested.

The shutters clicked, capturing the memories of that day. The photograph became a gift that he would come to treasure. It served as a reminder not only of that day, but also the love of his mother.

With a smile on his face, Harry snapped back from his reverie. “All set, Mum!” he called back. A mix of reluctance and excitement filled Harry’s heart as he made his way to his mother who was already waiting at the door, ready to set off for three long years of studies in Australia.

A Priceless Gift Model Composition 2

Emily was a shy and reserved student. During my science classes, she would sit attentively at her table, diligently taking down notes without drawing attention to herself. I started to notice her as the semester wore on. However, it was after the first class test, when Emily received a failing score that I knew I had to reach out and offer my support.

One afternoon, I called Emily to stay back after school and invited her into the staff office. She entered nervously, clutching her books tightly. “I’m sorry, Mrs Tan,” she began, stuttering as she struggled to apologise, certain that she was in trouble.

“Emily, don’t apologise,” I reassured her. Sitting across from each other, I began to delve into her struggles. Emily was an earnest and hardworking student, but she found it hard to grasp certain concepts. She had been too shy to ask questions in class or approach her teachers after school. Understanding her predicament, we decided to work together to create a study plan.

Over the following weeks, I provided extra resources and arranged study sessions after school. During these sessions, I listened attentively to her questions and went over the topics which had been covered that semester. I encouraged her to visit me in my office any time for further clarification. Emily took me up on my offer a few times each semester. I witnessed her grades and confidence steadily improve throughout the school years.

Finally, the day of the school’s graduation ceremony arrived. As I stood amidst a sea of proud parents and students, I felt a light tug on my sleeves. “Thank you, Mrs Tan,” Emily whispered, holding out a bouquet of flowers and a card. “You’ve given me a priceless gift.” Tears welled up in my eyes as I read the card which conveyed her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for my support. In that moment, I realised the true impact of a teacher’s dedication.

The cherished card found its place on my desk, where it would remain till the day I retired. It served as a constant reminder of the impact I had made on one student’s life, and as motivation to continue making a difference in the lives of many more.

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