Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

A Surprise Visitor

A Surprise Visitor Composition 1

Ding dong! Kyle and Kate were rudely awakened from their slumber at the crack of dawn. “Who could it be?” Kate wondered aloud, looking at the clock across the wall. Tossing in bed, Kate tried to make herself comfortable when a rambunctious barking resounded in the house. Her eyes snapped open.

Wandering down the stairs, the two children were surprised to see a pomeranian no bigger than the size of a basketball zipping around their living room. Their parents were standing at the door with Uncle Paul. Noticing the siblings, Uncle Paul gave a cheery wave. Their mother explained that Uncle Paul would be going on a work trip for a week and had requested that they take care of his puppy, Olie, while he was away.

Uncle Paul carefully explained the puppy’s needs, leaving behind a leash, food, and a few toys before bidding his farewell. Closing the door behind them, the family of four stared at the mischievous ball of fur as he wrestled with a towel that had fallen onto the floor.

Olie burst into their home like a whirlwind, bringing laughter and a touch of chaos with him. His curiosity knew no bounds as he explored every corner, his tiny tail wagging like a metronome. Their home was soon filled with the pitter-patter of tiny paws and the sound of squeaky toys. Kyle took the puppy for walks in the neighbourhood while Kate, who was initially fearful of the energetic pup, began to warm up to him over time.

Days turned into nights, and the week flew by like a gentle breeze. Before they knew it, it was time for Olie to return home. Uncle Paul arrived at their home bearing gifts from his trip and promised to visit again with Olie. With a final pat and a wagging tail, Olie left their home, taking with him a piece of their hearts.

A Surprise Visitor Composition 2

Jenny was sprawled across the floor of her living room, surrounded by pieces of puzzles when the doorbell rang. Peering through the peephole, Jenny was met with a slightly flustered face she recognised from brief encounters – it was Lisa, her neighbour. With a quizzical look, she opened the door.

“Hi,” Lisa began, pointing to her right. “I’m from next door.” Jenny nodded in acknowledgement. “You see, I lost my key on the way home today and have no way to enter my house.” Lisa continued sheepishly. “Can I wait here until my parents get back?”

“Of course,” Jenny replied with a warm grin. She welcomed Lisa inside, offering her a seat on the living room couch. Lisa sat stiffly, looking around, unsure of what to do. “Want to help me finish this puzzle while we wait?” Jenny asked. And so, the two girls sat side by side, piecing together the colourful puzzle of a forest filled with magical plants and creatures. As they worked together, the initial awkwardness gave way to laughter and conversation.

Jenny was thrilled to learn that they shared the same interest in reading. She got up from her spot immediately and pulled Lisa into her bedroom, where she proudly introduced her collection of books. There were books of various genres and they filled up a large bookshelf that ran from the floor to the ceiling. Lisa could not help but stare in awe.

By the time Lisa’s parents finally arrived, the puzzle was completed, and a strong friendship had blossomed. They were grateful for Jenny’s hospitality. Bidding farewell, Lisa left with an armful of Jenny’s recommended books, promising to return with a few of her own the next day.

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