Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

A New Start

A New Start Model Composition 1

The sun dipped below the horizon as the moving truck rolled away from the freshly-painted beige house, its engine humming softly. Yvonne stared forlornly at the mountain of boxes piled high up in the living room and felt an ache in her heart. Her life had been packed away in those cardboard boxes, just like her toys and books. She thought back to the small town where she had grown up with her best friends and tears threatened to roll down her cheeks.

The move was due to her father’s job. When Yvonne first heard the news, she had cried and begged, pleading with her parents to stay where they were. She did not want to leave. Her parents were sympathetic, but the decision had already been made. “Don’t worry,” her mother said. “It’s a lovely town, and you’ll fit in just fine!”

The first few days in the new house were a blur of unpacking and arranging. Yvonne found herself wandering around the empty rooms, trying to envision her life in these new, bare walls. She stared at the familiar photo frames, her mother’s favourite vase, and even the coffee table that were neatly arranged in the unfamiliar living room and could not help feeling that they seemed out of place.

Then came the knock on the door that changed everything. Standing there was a girl her age, with a smile as bright as the summer sun and her arms bearing a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. “I’m Samantha,” she began. “I live right next door.” With an easy grace, she invited Yvonne to explore the neighbourhood.

Hesitant at first, Yvonne found herself drawn to Samantha’s warmth. They spent the day wandering around the neighbourhood as Samantha pointed out her favourite cafe, the best spot for ice cream, and the hidden nook in the park that she claimed was perfect for reading.

As days turned into weeks, the items in the boxes found their places on shelves and in closets, and so did Yvonne in her new neighbourhood. The owner of the small cafe in town would greet her with a smile, and the place quickly became her favourite place to hang out. The librarian knew her by name, and the baker sometimes gave her an extra muffin. With a new friend by her side and the promise of tomorrow’s adventures, Yvonne felt ready to embrace this new chapter of her life.

A New Start Model Composition 2

Betty was seen as the odd one out. She was the girl who always had her nose buried in a book and never spoke a word in class. Her classmates, who could not understand her silence, often gave her odd glances or whispered behind her back. They labelled her a loner, an outcast in a world that valued loud voices and boisterous laughter. It was not easy being different, and Betty felt the sting of loneliness more often than she cared to admit.

A sense of longing stirred within Betty as she grew. She yearned for connection and for friends who could understand her quiet world. So as the chapters of her primary school life came to a close, Betty saw an opportunity for a new start. The transition to secondary school provided Betty with a blank canvas to turn things around.

On the first day of secondary school, Betty stepped through the school gates with a resolve stronger than any she had felt before. She found herself stepping into a large class full of new faces and felt butterflies in her stomach. Betty scanned the classroom. Her eyes landed upon a pair of girls talking animatedly and felt a strong pull towards them. She wondered what they were talking about.

Taking a deep breath, Betty approached them. “Hi. Is it okay if I sit here?” she asked. To her surprise, the girls welcomed her with warm smiles. “Of course!” said one of them. “I’m Jia Hui, and this is Michelle.” Betty smiled, her heart feeling lighter than it had in years. She introduced herself, and they chatted briefly about their hobbies.

At first, Betty was hesitant to talk about herself. She was worried about what the girls might think of her. Yet, as the conversation flowed, Betty soon realised that she did not have to struggle to fit in. They shared some interests, but also had their own hobbies, and that was perfectly alright.

Their teacher soon arrived and the students did a round of self-introduction. When it was her turn, Betty spoke with a voice that surprised even her. One by one, her classmates introduced themselves, and Betty felt an excitement bubbling within her.

As the days turned into weeks, Betty found herself blossoming in this new environment. She still loved her books, but now, she had friends and classmates who understood her. They appreciated her for who she was, and would often come around to her table and ask, “Hey, what are you reading? It’s time for lunch!”

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