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An Act of Courage

An Act of Courage Model Composition 1

The school corridors buzzed with the chatter of students as the bell signalled the end of the school day. It was a Thursday, and Tom would be making his way to the city’s golf course. His father had been a professional golfer and Tom quickly developed an interest in the sport from a young age. Now, it had become a weekly routine for father and son to take a swing on the golf course together.

As he made his way down the stairs, Tom noticed a commotion in one of the empty classrooms. Carefully, he peered around the door to get a closer look. Tom’s eyes widened in surprise when he saw his classmate, Matthew, cornered by three older boys. “Hand over your money now!” one of the boys demanded, shoving Matthew against the whiteboard. “But… I don’t have any more money,” Matthew replied, his voice strained and pleading. Their leader, a tall boy with a menacing sneer, flicked open a penknife. Matthew cowered at the sight of the blade.

Tom’s heart pounded hard against his chest, the sound in his ears drowning out the bullies’ threats. He knew he had to act, and fast. Tom put down his golf bag and extracted a golf club. The cool metal felt familiar in his hands, giving him a surge of courage. Gripping his golf club like a knight wielding a sword, Tom stepped out of his hiding place. “Leave him alone!” he called out.

The bullies turned in surprise. Spotting the young boy, the leader chucked. “What are you going to do with that? Play a round of golf?” His cronies roared with laughter. Tom did not know how to fight. He hoped desperately that his act would be enough to intimidate them. “Leave him alone!” Tom repeated, willing his voice not to betray him as he took a daring step forward.

Fortunately, a teacher arrived before the situation could escalate. “What’s happening here?” she demanded, having heard the shouts from the corridor. The bullies scattered like leaves in a gust of wind, leaving behind the penknife which glinted ominously on the floor. Tom offered a hand to Matthew, who was shaking but unharmed.

The teacher commended Tom for his bravery but reminded him of the dangers of confronting bullies alone and that he should not take matters into his own hands. He nodded solemnly, understanding the risk he had taken. News of Tom’s courageous act spread like wildfire among the students and he was hailed as a hero. The bullies, once identified, were severely reprimanded, and they never bothered Matthew again.

An Act of Courage Model Composition 2

It was the dead of night. The only sounds were the gentle hum of the air conditioning and the occasional turn of a page. Ethan was perched on his bed with a blanket wrapped around shoulders as he immersed himself in the realm of knights and dragons. The clock ticked past midnight when a peculiar clatter resonated in the silent house.

Ethan put down his book and frowned. Was that just his imagination? “Maybe it’s just the wind,” he thought, looking out the window for any signs of a coming storm. Yet, he could not shake the feeling of uneasiness that crept in. Furrowing his brows, Ethan placed his bookmark between the pages and tiptoed out of his room.

The hallway before him was bathed in the eerie glow of moonlight filtering through the window. As he walked down the hall, Ethan’s mind wandered to the tales of horror whispered by his classmates. Fortunately, he was not alone in his vigil. The door to the master bedroom cracked open and his father’s comforting figure emerged. His eyes met Ethan’s.

Just then, an unmistakable creak of the floorboards sliced through the silence. The hallway, usually familiar and safe, now seemed menacing in the dark. Father and son exchanged a nod, and without a word, they both knew they needed to investigate. Together, they noiselessly made their way down the stairs and followed the intermittent clatter to the living room.

A look of worry crossed their faces when they spotted a figure moving in the shadows. Ethan’s father motioned for him to be quiet and to stay put. Reaching for his golf club beside the stairs, his father crept forward. Ethan held his breath as the silhouette of his father’s strong, sturdy back disappeared into the darkness of the living room.

Suddenly, the room was bathed in light. “What are you doing in my house?” Ethan’s father demanded, his voice steady and firm with a ferocity Ethan had never heard before. His father held the golf club in front of him, waving it threateningly. In front of their living room cabinet stood a man no older than thirty. “I… I’m sorry!” he stammered, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. “Get out, now!” Ethan’s father shouted, taking a step towards him. The man disappeared into the night, leaving father and son alone once more.

The police were called in the aftermath, and the security of the house was enhanced. Ethan looked up to his father with newfound respect and awe. It was an act of courage spurred by the instinct to protect his home and his family. That night, Ethan understood that courage was not just found in stories of perilous adventures, but in the quiet bravery of a father’s love.

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