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Pesan Sekarang

A Lucky Escape

A Lucky Escape Model Composition 1
  Adam sat staring at the headlines of the newspaper on the kitchen table. A photograph of a familiar-looking man was plastered on the front page. He could not believe how lucky he had been. Adam shivered uncontrollably as he recalled in vivid detail what had happened that afternoon.

  It was a beautiful day with clear skies overhead. Adam had decided to bring his new basketball to the basketball court in the park. The court was empty at this time of the day, making it perfect for Adam to practise his dribbling and shooting. He had the entire place to himself!

  After an hour or so, Adam noticed a man sitting on a nearby bench. The man seemed to be staring at him, and it made Adam feel uncomfortable. He tried to ignore the man and continued playing, but he could not shake the feeling that the man was still watching him. Eventually, the man got up and started walking towards him.

  Adam’s heart raced as the man got closer. He looked left and right, but there was no one in sight. Cold sweat started to drip down his temples and his hands were clammy. He thought of bolting to the nearby shopping mall where there were people around, but doubted he would be fast enough. His legs seemed to be glued to the ground.

  Just as the man was about to grab him, Adam’s neighbour, Mrs Tan, appeared out of nowhere and pulled him away. She had been out for a walk and had seen the man’s strange behaviour. The man fled the scene immediately, confirming their suspicions. Mrs Tan fished out her mobile phone and called the police before escorting Adam safely home.

  Adam’s parents were horrified when they heard what had happened, and they thanked Mrs Tan profusely for her quick thinking and bravery. Adam was shaken but grateful to be safe. Over the next few days, he could not stop thinking about what could have happened if Mrs Tan had not been there to save him. He knew he had been lucky to escape from danger.

  From that day on, Adam always looked out for himself and made sure to stay in well-lit areas with other people around. He also made sure to thank Mrs Tan every time he saw her.

  Although the experience was scary, it taught Adam a valuable lesson about staying safe and being aware of potential dangers. He knew that he had been lucky to escape, but he also knew that he could not rely on luck alone to keep him safe.

A Lucky Escape Model Composition 2
  Max was known to be mischievous, with a taste for adventure and a penchant for stealing food. He loved nothing more than exploring the bustling streets of his town, always on the lookout for his next big score.

  “What’s that smell?” Max’s nose caught a whiff of something delicious as he trotted through the bustling marketplace. Max followed the scent down the street and turned a corner. He has always been proud of his keen nose. It has never let him down.

  The scent led him to a stall where a thick, juicy piece of steak lay unattended. It was just the right shade of red and brown, glazed with a layer of oil that sparkled under the afternoon sun. The smoky aroma emanating from the grill teased and tantalised his senses, causing his mouth to water in anticipation.

  Without a second thought, Max darted in and snatched the meat, bolting away before the chef could even react. The chef, a gruff man named Paul, was not one to let a thief get away. After all, that was an expensive grade of meat! He was determined to teach the dog a lesson. He took off after Max, shouting and waving his arms in the air. Max was fast, but Paul was faster. He was gaining on Max with every stride.

  But fate had other plans. Just as Paul was about to grab hold of Max’s collar, he stepped into a hole in the uneven pavement and fell headlong to the ground. Max saw his chance and took it. He scampered away as fast as his little legs could carry him, grinning from ear to ear at his lucky escape.

  Paul was left lying in the dirt, nursing a scraped knee and a bruised ego. He watched as Max disappeared into the crowd, a tiny brown blur weaving through the throngs of people. Despite the loss of his dish and the humiliation of his fall, Paul could not help but chuckle at the sight of Max’s cheeky grin. He shook his head and muttered to himself, “That dog sure is lucky. But I’ll catch him next time.”

  As for Max, he spent the rest of the day basking in the glory of his fortuitous escape, his belly full of stolen meat and his heart racing with excitement. He knew he had gotten away with something special, and he could not wait to see what adventures lay ahead.

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