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Pesan Sekarang

A Serious Mistake

A Serious Mistake Model Composition 1

“What are you looking at?” Max asked, his voice filled with curiosity. “It’s nothing,” Fred smiled, gently ruffling his younger brother’s hair, hoping to distract himself from the haunting memories that threatened to resurface. The scar had remained – a constant, painful reminder of the unfortunate incident that occurred two months ago.

The school holidays had been in full swing. Fred’s parents had entrusted him to keep an eye on his younger brother while they were away for an important event. For the first couple of hours, Fred and Max’s laughter filled the living room as they played with an assortment of toys. However, as time passed, Fred’s excitement waned, and boredom started to creep in.

Just then, his mobile phone rang. “Fred!” his friend cried over the phone as soon as he answered. “Let’s play Dungeon Adventures!” Fred hesitated as he glanced at Max. “Come on!” his friend coaxed. Fred’s resolve wavered as he gave in to the temptation. He placed the red sports car back onto the shelf and headed to his room, sure that his brother would be able to entertain himself with his toys. Before long, Fred found himself engrossed in the captivating world of the game, his fingers deftly clicking away on the controller.

Crash! Fred jolted back to the present at the sudden noise. Fear coursed through his veins as he followed his brother’s cries to the living room. His blood froze when he saw Max lying beside an overturned chair. A gash had opened on his forehead and blood trickled down his face. “What happened?” Fred gasped. Through tearful sobs, Max managed to utter a single word, “Car.”

In that moment, the weight of Fred’s mistake crashed down upon him. He realised that his negligence had resulted in a painful incident, leaving Max injured and frightened. The events after were a blur. Fred had called his parents in a frenzy, his voice trembling with guilt, and Max was swiftly taken to the hospital.

Fred deeply regretted his actions. From that point forward, he resolved to be a responsible and attentive brother to Max. The scar healed gradually, and the two brothers became the best of friends as they grew up.

A Serious Mistake Model Composition 2

The soft, rhythmic tapping of keys echoed late into the night. Xiao Ming sat hunched over his desk, his eyes fixated intently on the captivating display before him. There was an exciting new release for his favourite video game that he simply could not resist. The screen flashed with vibrant colours and action, beckoning him into the world beyond.

Time ticked away as Xiao Ming traversed the digital landscape, caught up in the wonders of the virtual universe. Before he knew it, it was way past his bedtime. Xiao Ming stared at the clock in horror before reluctantly putting away his controller and slipped into bed.

The next morning arrived with a jolt. Xiao Ming woke up abruptly to the sound of his mother knocking frantically on his door. Disoriented and still heavy with sleep, he peered at the clock and realised that he was late! Xiao Ming stumbled through his morning routine and made his way to school in the nick of time.

To his horror, he realised that had forgotten about the important maths test that had been scheduled for that day. The test papers were distributed, and Xiao Ming’s heart raced with anxiety. The questions stared back at him. Completely unprepared, he willed himself to unearth any remnants of concepts he had at the back of his mind. His mind was clouded by fatigue and he struggled to concentrate. Each passing minute felt like an eternity.

When the test finally concluded, Xiao Ming handed in his paper with a heavy heart. He knew that his performance would be far from satisfactory, evident in the empty spaces and half-formed answers on the pages of his test.

In the days that followed, Xiao Ming reflected deeply on his mistake. He realised the importance of striking a balance between his hobbies and his responsibilities. He resolved to prioritise his studies and establish a routine that allowed him to excel academically without sacrificing his love for gaming.

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