Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

A Special Birthday Gift

A Special Birthday Gift Model Composition 1

“Look! It’s so cute!” Wei Han squealed as he dashed towards the pet shop. Through the large storefront window, he could see a tiny, brown hamster staring curiously at him. “Mum, Dad! Can we have a hamster, please?” Wei Han asked. His parents exchanged a glance and smiled. “We’ll see,” they replied.

Two weeks later, it was Wei Han’s birthday. He was overjoyed when his parents held up a large cage topped with a pretty bow. Immediately, Wei Han knew what his birthday gift was. Peeking through the cage was the little, brown hamster from the pet shop!

“Thank you, Mum and Dad!” Wei Han exclaimed, wrapping his arms tightly around his parents. It was the best birthday present that he could ever ask for!

Carefully, Wei Han took the hamster out of its cage. He marvelled at the softness of the hamster’s fur and its adorable, tiny ears. With a bright smile on his face, Wei Han assured his parents that he will take good care of his new pet.

A Special Birthday Gift Model Composition 2

Standing in front of the pet shop, Sam found himself drawn to a tiny creature no bigger than the size of his palm. “Can we get a hamster, please?” he eagerly asked his parents. “Having a pet is a big responsibility,” his mother hesitated. “Perhaps when you’re older.”

Over the next few months, Sam immersed himself in books about hamsters, even saving up his pocket money. He was determined to show his parents that he was ready to take care of a pet. More importantly, he knew that his mother was right and he had to be a responsible owner.

When his birthday arrived, Sam’s parents surprised him with a hamster in a beautiful cage. They had witnessed Sam’s dedication and were reassured to see that he had taken their advice to heart. Overwhelmed with joy, Sam embraced his parents in a tight hug.

The hamster scampered energetically around its cage, whiskers twitching as it sniffed and explored its new surroundings. Carefully, Sam picked it up in his palm and gently stroked its soft fur. His heart swelled with love as he vowed to take good care of his new friend.

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