Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

Accident at the Playground

Accident at the Playground Model Composition 1

Joshua and Alex chatted excitedly as they made their way to the newly-constructed playground. To their delight, the brothers found the playground empty and immediately rushed to try out the new equipment.

“Look at me, Joshua!” Alex shouted with glee as he swung higher and higher on the swing. In a moment of impulsivity, he decided to stand up on the seat. The rush of wind on his face felt amazing, and he laughed as he revelled in the thrill of the moment.

“Hey, get down! That’s dangerous!” Joshua warned as he sprinted towards his brother. To his horror, Alex wobbled precariously and was flung into the air, before landing with a loud thud. Joshua rushed to Alex’s side and was relieved to see that his injuries were not severe. The brothers slowly made their way back home.

Their mother was furious upon learning of the incident and reprimanded Alex severely for his foolish act. Alex lowered his head in shame as his mother carefully tended to his wounds. Wincing from the pain, he vowed never to be reckless again.

Accident at the Playground Model Composition 2

Jia Qi and Rui Hao were spending a delightful afternoon at the playground, surrounded by the lively chatter of children and the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze.

As the day wore on, Rui Hao began to feel bored. He recalled a trick he saw in a cartoon and decided to mimic it. Putting both his feet on the swing, Rui Hao carefully rose to a standing position, holding tightly onto the ropes. He swung back and forth, slowly at first, before picking up speed.

Jia Qi’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he saw what Rui Hao was doing. He rushed over to warn his friend but it was too late. Losing his balance, Rui Hao tumbled awkwardly onto the ground and landed on both his knees, scraping them on the rough concrete.

Fortunately, Rui Hao did not suffer any serious injuries. Jia Qi helped him up and offered to accompany him back home. With a face full of regret, Rui Hao tearfully recounted the incident to his mother as she dressed his wounds. She gently reminded him to always consider the consequences of his actions.

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