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Pesan Sekarang

Falling Ill

Falling Ill Model Composition 1

Nicole awoke to the sound of her mother knocking on her bedroom door. The room seemed to sway and she sneezed unexpectedly. “What’s wrong, dear?” Nicole’s mother asked as she entered her room.

Seeing that something was off, Nicole’s mother took her temperature. A wave of regret washed over Nicole as she recalled getting caught in the rain the previous evening. After confirming that she was running a high fever, they made their way promptly to the nearby clinic.

At the clinic, Nicole and her mother were greeted by Doctor Paul. He carefully examined Nicole with a stethoscope and asked how she was feeling. After a brief evaluation, Doctor Paul concluded that Nicole was down with a cold. They collected some tablets and syrup from a kind lady over the counter and headed home.

Nicole diligently took her medicine and spent the rest of the day in bed. Her father even gave her a comic book to pass the time! By evening, Nicole was feeling much better. She learnt that it was better to be safe than sorry, and always took along an umbrella when she went out in future.

Falling Ill Model Composition 2

Bella’s head was foggy and heavy. Her body felt drained of its energy and her muscles ached with every movement. “Are you awake?” Bella’s mother asked as she entered her room.

A look of worry crossed her face when she noticed Bella’s flushed complexion. Realising that Bella was feeling unwell, she quickly fetched a thermometer and an ice pack to bring down her temperature.

Later that day, Bella and her mother visited a nearby clinic. After a thorough examination, the doctor reassured them that it was just a common cold. He prescribed Bella fever medication and advised her to drink lots of water and rest in bed. “You’ll get better in no time!” he said. Bella’s mother paid for the medicine and they went back home. As advised, she quickly took her medicine and went to bed.

That night, Bella’s father surprised her with a comic book when he returned home from work. Even though it was not fun being sick, Bella felt grateful for her loving family and the caring clinic staff. She looked forward to getting better again.

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