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Pesan Sekarang

Lost at the Mall

Lost at the Mall Model Composition 1
  The mall was bustling with people. Lily and her parents were shopping during a sale. As they passed through the toy store, Lily paused to stare at a massive teddy bear on display. Her parents kept walking, unaware that Lily was not following behind them.

  Lily pointed at the bear excitedly, waving to get her parents’ attention. However, her parents were nowhere in sight! She looked left and right before bursting into tears.

  Lily wailed helplessly until a compassionate woman noticed her distress and comforted her. She assured Lily that she would help her to look for her parents. Hearing this, Lily wiped away her tears.

  The woman held tightly onto Lily’s arm and brought her to the information desk. The kind lady at the information desk patiently asked for her name before making an announcement.

  Lily’s parents came rushing to the information desk within minutes. Seeing her parents, she broke into a huge smile. The family thanked the woman for her help and were overjoyed to be reunited again. From that day on, Lily learnt to always stay close to her parents in crowded places.

Lost at the Mall Model Composition 2
  Tracy and her parents were shopping at the nearby mall. It was unusually crowded due to a sale. While they were browsing, Tracy wandered to a toy store, captivated by a large, plush teddy bear on display. In the meantime, her parents had strolled ahead.

  Tracy became scared when she realised that she was lost. Fortunately, she remembered her parents’ words. With tears streaming down her face, she approached a lady. Tracy explained the situation between sobs, asking for help.

  The kind-hearted woman comforted her and promised to help her look for her parents. Together, they went to the information counter where Tracy’s parents were waiting with worried expressions. They thanked the lady over and over again.

  Although Tracy’s parents were angry at her for wandering away on her own, they were also proud of her for staying calm and looking for an adult to help. Tracy held onto her mother tightly as they waved goodbye to the lady, thinking to herself she would never let go again.

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