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Pesan Sekarang

A Bully

A Bully Model Composition 1

Tim was walking to the school bookshop. He had lost his eraser, and his mother had given him extra allowance to purchase a new one.

Max intercepted Tim as he approached the bookshop, blocking his path. The infamous school bully towered over Tim, ordering him to hand over his wallet. Tim protested, but Max threatened to beat him up. He had no choice but to tearfully hand over his wallet.

However, Tim was not one to back down. With tears in his eyes, Tim sought the help of a nearby prefect, Jane. He explained the situation and Jane promised to help.

With Tim following behind, Jane marched over to Max and confronted him about the bullying incident. After a heated argument, Max reluctantly returned the wallet to Tim and stomped away.

Tim was glad to get his wallet back and thanked Jane for her help. Jane commended Tim for his quick thinking and was proud of him for standing up for himself.

A Bully Model Composition 2

Xiao Ming had been looking forward to this day all week. He had finally saved up enough pocket money to purchase the new pen at the school bookshop that was popular among his classmates.

As he approached the bookshop, Xiao Ming was stopped by the notorious school bully, Jun Hao. The bully fiercely demanded Xiao Ming surrender his wallet. Afraid of the consequences, Xiao Ming had no choice but to tearfully hand over his wallet to Jun Hao.

Sobbing as he walked back to the classroom, Xiao Ming caught the attention of a prefect. The prefect comforted Xiao Ming and promised to get his wallet back.

Together, they found Jun Hao in the school canteen. The prefect stomped angrily toward Jun Hao and forced him to return Xiao Ming’s wallet, threatening to tell a teacher. Jun Hao reluctantly did as he was told and sulked away. Xiao Ming was grateful to the prefect and learnt to seek help if he is a victim of bullying.

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