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Pesan Sekarang

A Picnic Gone Wrong

A Picnic Gone Wrong Model Composition 1

It was the school holidays. Mrs Lee had lovingly prepared a basket full of mouth-watering treats for her family and they were having an enjoyable picnic at the park.

As they tucked into the food, a group of three monkeys started to circle them. The monkeys had been attracted to the delicious smell of fresh fruits and sandwiches that were spread out on the picnic mat.

Boldly, the monkeys grabbed handfuls of fruit and began stuffing them into their mouths. The two children clung onto their mother tightly and began to cry. Mr Lee immediately stood up and tried to chase the monkeys away. However, the mischievous monkeys only made funny faces at them, completely unaffected by his actions.

Unfortunately, Mr Tan’s attempt was to no avail. The monkeys swiftly grabbed as much as they could and scampered up a tree with their stolen treasures. With their food gone, the family packed up and left the park gloomily. Although their picnic was ruined, the family also agreed that it was a unique and memorable experience.

A Picnic Gone Wrong Model Composition 2

It was a sunny morning with clear skies. Jia Li, Jia Hao and their parents were having a picnic at the nearby park. They had found a shady spot beside a tall tree and were munching on delicious sandwiches and fruits.

Just then, a troop of monkeys appeared and surrounded the family of four. They were shocked and did not know what to do. Their father asked everyone to remain calm, praying that the monkeys would go away after some time.

To their dismay, the monkeys only got closer and started to grab the food on their picnic mat. Their mother shielded the children from the potential danger while their father waved his arms angrily to shoo the monkeys away.

Unfortunately, the family were no match for the monkeys. The cheeky monkeys grabbed as much as they could and climbed up a nearby tree. With their picnic ruined, the family decided to pack up and leave. It was a scary experience, but they were also relieved that no one got hurt.

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