Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

An Act of Carelessness

An Act of Carelessness Model Composition 1

Annie and her father were shopping for Christmas decorations at the nearby mall. While her father was selecting a tree for their living room, Annie went to look at the ornaments. She stopped in front of a large display.

Annie admired the beauty of the ornaments and could not resist the urge to reach out for a closer look. She did not see the sign that read ‘Please do not touch’. She carefully picked up an ornament and turned it around in her hands.

Crash! The angel fell to the ground and shattered into a million tiny pieces. Annie heard a gasp and running footsteps. A sales lady arrived at the scene, followed by her father. The lady reprimanded Annie sternly, pointing out the sign. “I’m sorry,” Annie apologised.

Annie’s father paid for the broken item at the cashier. While her father understood that it was an accident and reassured her that everyone makes mistakes, Annie apologised and promised to be more careful in future.

An Act of Carelessness Model Composition 2

Diana hesitated as she reached for a glass angel that was on a high shelf. A ‘Please do not touch’ sign was plastered across the top in clear view.

Scanning her surroundings, Diana saw that she was alone at that section of the store. “No one will notice if I take a quick look,” she thought to herself as she reached for the ornament. As Diana stood on her tiptoes, the item slipped from her fingers and plummeted to the ground.

The glass shattered with a loud crash, sending a sales girl running to the scene. The sales girl reprimanded Diana for ignoring the sign and demanded that she pay for the broken item.

Tears began to flow down Diana’s cheeks. Her father arrived and was horrified to realise what had happened. She apologised to the sales girl while her father paid for the broken item at the cashier, and they left the store quietly.

Diana learnt an important lesson on following the rules and being careful with fragile items. She apologised to her father and vowed to be more responsible in future.

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