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Pesan Sekarang

A Quarrel at the Beach

A Quarrel at the Beach Composition 1

The school holiday was in full swing. Mrs Soh had lovingly packed a basket full of snacks and the family of four were enjoying a picnic under the shade of a tall coconut tree.

As the afternoon wore on, Janice and Wayne decided to build a sandcastle while their parents took a leisurely stroll along the beach. However, the siblings quickly came to a disagreement. Janice wanted to decorate the sandcastle with seashells, while Wayne insisted that they decorate it with seaweed and include a moat.

Just then, a thought formed in Wayne’s head. He grabbed a fistful of sand and threw it at Janice’s face. The sand stung her eyes and she began to scream. Wayne hollered with laughter.

Their parents, who had just returned from their walk, witnessed the scene and were furious at Wayne for his behaviour. Mr Soh sternly reprimanded Wayne while Mrs Soh helped Janice wash the sand out of her eyes. Realising his mistake, Wayne apologised to Janice and promised to never hurt her again.

A Quarrel at the Beach Composition 2

The beach was bustling with activity. All around, the waves roared and crashed onto the shore while seagulls squawked overhead. The melodic laughter of children hung in the air as families gathered to enjoy the fantastic weather.

The Lee family was enjoying a delightful picnic at the beach. After lunch, Jia Jun suggested that they build a sandcastle and Jia Yi readily agreed. Together, the siblings mixed sand with seawater and moulded shapes. Jia Yi thought that Jia Jun had done a poor job moulding his side of the sandcastle and made a remark.

Hearing Jia Yi’s comment, Jia Jun clenched his fist and scowled. In a fit of anger, he tossed a handful of sand at his sister. The sand entered Jia Yi’s eyes and it stung. Jia Yi began to wail from the pain as she swiped at her eyes.

Jia Jun froze and his face turned pale, not knowing what to do. Hearing the commotion, Mr and Mrs Lee rushed to the scene with worried expressions. Mr Lee scolded Jia Jun and explained about the consequences of his actions. Jia Jun felt remorseful and apologised for hurting his sister. He vowed to be more careful with his actions in future.

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