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An Argument in the Classroom

An Argument in the Classroom Composition 1

The classroom buzzed with the chatter of students as they waited for their teacher to arrive. Pauline had just recovered from a cold. Feeling a tickle in her throat, she reached out for her water bottle for a sip of water.

As she drank, Pauline’s mind drifted. The water bottle slipped from her hand and landed on Diana’s desk. Pauline watched in horror as water gushed from her bottle and quickly formed a large puddle around Diana’s stationery and worksheet.

Diana’s jaws dropped as she stared at her table. However, her shock quickly turned into fury. She narrowed her eyes and accused Pauline of spilling water onto her belongings on purpose. Feeling wronged and defensive, Pauline raised her voice and the two girls began to argue.

Seeing that their teacher was still nowhere in sight, the class monitor, Alice, decided to intervene. She walked up to the two friends and patiently listened to both sides of their story. Realising that it was all an accident, Alice persuaded Pauline and Diana to make up. The girls exchanged apologies and worked together to clean up the mess, just as their teacher arrived for the first lesson of the day.

An Argument in the Classroom Composition 2

Class 1C was silent except for an occasional whisper. The students were waiting patiently for their teacher to arrive. Rachel carefully laid her homework and pencil case on her desk, ready for the first lesson of the day.

Feeling thirsty, Emily picked up her water bottle and took a long gulp. Crash! A loud noise made Emily jump and she loosened her grip on her bottle. To her horror, the bottle flew in Rachel’s direction and spilled water all over her desk, soaking her stationery and homework.

Rachel’s eyes widened in anger and frustration. It had taken her almost an hour to finish her homework last night! “What are you doing?” she roared, glaring at Emily. Emily tried to apologise, but Rachel would not listen. Before long, the two girls were engaged in a heated discussion.

Just then, Kelly walked over to their desks. She had witnessed the incident. Kelly explained that accidents happen and that being angry would not solve the problem. The two friends realised that Kelly was right. Emily apologised for her carelessness and Rachel felt ashamed of herself. Emily agreed to explain the situation to their teacher and help Rachel with her homework after class that day.

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