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Obeying Safety Rules

Obeying Safety Rules Model Composition 1

The pools of the swimming complex were dotted with an array of vibrant floats, creating a kaleidoscope of colour. Justin waved goodbye to his father, who had found a comfortable spot on the deck to lounge, and eagerly made his way towards the pool.

From afar, Justin could see a large sign that warned swimmers against diving. A mischievous grin danced across his face. Ignoring the sign, Justin leaped into what he assumed was a familiar pool.

To his horror, Justin realised that he could not feel the bottom of the pool. He had unwittingly jumped into a deeper section. Panic gripped him as he flailed about, desperately trying to tread water and keep his head above the water’s surface.

The other swimmers started to notice the unusual movements. Uncertain of how to help, they shouted for the lifeguard, who swifty sprang into action. He reached for a lifebuoy and jumped straight into the pool, slicing through the water at lightning speed to reach Justin’s side.

Assisted by the lifeguard, Justin safely reached the edge of the pool. His father, though relieved, did not spare him an earful for his irresponsible action. The near-drowning incident served as a valuable lesson to Justin about the importance of adhering to safety regulations.

Obeying Safety Rules Model Composition 2

The unmistakable scent of chlorine hung in the air as Luke and his father stepped into the public swimming complex. It was a terribly hot day and he could not wait to cool off in the refreshing water.

Walking towards the pool, Luke spotted a large sign that read ‘No Diving!’ and casually dismissed its warning. He had been swimming for years and was confident in his abilities. In his mind, the rule seemed more like a caution for less experienced swimmers.

With a running leap, Luke dove head-first into the pool. Unbeknownst to him, the pool was deceptively deep. Panic gripped him as he struggled in the depths, splashing about as he tried to surface.

Thankfully, a watchful lifeguard sprung into action. With swift and powerful strokes, the lifeguard reached Luke just in time and pulled him out from under the water, throwing a lifebuoy over his head. Luke clung desperately onto the lifebuoy, gasping for breath.

Grateful for the intervention that saved him from potential disaster, Luke emerged from the water humbled by the ordeal and with a newfound respect for the rules he had so casually dismissed.

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