Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

Trapped in a Lift

Trapped in a Lift Model Composition 1

After the final school bell rang, Wei Qi and Jing Ting strolled home together, exchanging cheerful banter along the familiar route. They were classmates and also next-door neighbours who had grown up together.

The girls were discussing the day’s homework when the lift they were in came to a sudden stop. Puzzled, Wei Qi and Jing Ting exchanged worried glances, wondering why they were suspended between the fourth and fifth floor. They patiently waited for the lift to move again, hoping that it was a temporary issue, but soon realised that they were in trouble. Frantically, they pounded on the doors and shouted for help.

Fortunately, the other residents had noticed the malfunction and dialled the number for the Civil Defence Force. Armed with the right tools and skills, they managed to pry open the stubborn doors, revealing a relieved Wei Qi and Jing Ting.

The incident, however, left its mark on the two friends. The mere thought of entering a lift made their hearts palpitate and their hands clammy. For two weeks, Wei Qi and Jing Ting refused to take one step into the lift and instead, chose to climb the ten flights of stairs back home.

Trapped in a Lift Model Composition 2

Ding! The lift announced its arrival at the first floor, welcoming Sandra and Sally into its arms. The sisters stepped quickly into the lift as their conversation shifted to what they were going to have for lunch. Their mother had promised to cook their favourite curry chicken, and they could not wait to get home.

Suddenly, the lift let out an ominous mechanical groan before grinding to a halt. All the lights went out, plunging them into complete darkness. Sandra and Sally let out an ear-piercing scream before a beam of light appeared between them. Sandra had brought out her mobile phone and was using it as a torch.

Remembering what they had learnt in school, the girls searched for the emergency button in the lift. A shrill ringing resonated as they pressed the button, making their ears hurt. Meanwhile, Sandra looked up the number of the Civil Defence Force on her mobile phone and dialled it for help.

Together, they waited in the unsettling confines of the lift for help to arrive. Twenty minutes crawled by before they heard noises outside the lift. The Civil Defence Officers swiftly pried open the doors with their equipment and freed the two girls. Emerging from the lift, Sandra and Sally were commended for their quick-thinking and staying calm in an emergency situation.

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