Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

Helping an
Elderly Lady

Helping an Elderly Lady Model Composition 1
  An Qi and Ming Hua were walking home from school when they spotted an elderly lady struggling with a bulky bag of groceries. She was using a walking cane for support, and the items seemed to weigh her down. They decided to approach her to offer their help.

  Suddenly, a cyclist zoomed dangerously past the elderly lady, causing her to stumble and drop her bag. The cyclist sped away without even stopping to help. The children immediately rushed to her aid.

  Ming Hua carefully helped the elderly lady to her feet, holding onto her arm to steady her. At the same time, An Qi picked up her walking cane and the fruits and vegetables that had been scattered all over the ground. Together, they escorted her to a nearby bench where she could rest and recover.

  The elderly lady suffered a painful bruise on her back and decided to call for her family to pick her up from the park. She was very grateful for the children’s help and thanked them both. They waited patiently with the elderly lady until her family arrived, and then left the park feeling warm and happy for helping someone in need.

Helping an Elderly Lady Model Composition 2
  Debbie and Lucas were walking through the park on their way home from school. From a distance, they spotted their neighbour, Madam Tan. She was lugging a large bag of groceries and the siblings decided to help.

  Just then, a reckless young man sped past Madam Tan on his bicycle. Startled by the sudden movement, she lost her balance and fell backwards onto the ground. “Ouch!” she cried.

  Debbie and Lucas rushed forward immediately. The bag of groceries was now strewn across the path. Lucas offered his arm to Madam Tan for support and helped her to her feet. He then carefully escorted her to a nearby bench to rest. Meanwhile, Debbie had gathered her walking cane and groceries.

  Madam Tan was pleasantly surprised by the children, and felt incredibly lucky that they had been there when the incident happened. She was very grateful for the children’s help and thanked them both warmly.

  After making sure that Madam Tan was okay, Debbie and Lucas walked her back to her apartment. They promised to visit in a few days and left with smiles on their faces, feeling proud of themselves for assisting someone in need.

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