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Pesan Sekarang

Incident in the Kitchen

Incident in the Kitchen Model Composition 1

Li Wen had recently mastered a simple yet delicious pasta recipe in her Home Economics class. Eager to surprise her family, she had woken up bright and early and was cooking up a storm in the kitchen. After washing the vegetables, she found her mother’s sharp kitchen knife and carefully chopped up the vegetables into bite-sized pieces.

All of a sudden, a searing pain shot through Kelly’s finger, bringing her to tears. A trail of blood began to trickle steadily from a deep cut on her finger and onto the pristine surface of the chopping board.

Fortunately, Kelly’s brother, John, had woken up not long ago and was lounging in the living room. Hearing his sister’s distressed cries, John swiftly made his way to the kitchen, his footsteps fueled by worry and concern.

Witnessing the situation, John immediately sprang into action. He retrieved the first-aid kit from a cupboard under the sink and gently tended to Kelly’s injury. He cleaned the wound with meticulous care before wrapping it up securely in a plaster.

Gradually, the searing pain subsided, and a sense of relief washed over Li Wen. Wiping away her tears, Li Wen realised the importance of handling sharp objects with care and vowed to exercise greater caution in future. Together, the siblings resumed their quest to surprise the family with a delectable pasta dish.

Incident in the Kitchen Model Composition 2

It was late at night. Vicky was feeling peckish and decided to whip up a bowl of noodles for herself. She picked out a few simple ingredients from the refrigerator and washed them

Suddenly, a sharp and intense pain shot through her index finger. Vicky looked down to see a trail of bright red blood flowing from her finger and her head began to spin. Not knowing what to do, Vicky’s distress erupted into wails of despair. Tears flowed uncontrollably down her cheeks as she stood frozen in a state of shock and fear.

Hearing her cries, Vicky’s brother, Gabriel, sprinted from his room and into the kitchen. Drawing upon his knowledge and experience, Gabriel cleansed the wound skilfully with antiseptic and delicately wrapped it with a sterile bandage. At the same time, he offered words of comfort and reassurance to his distraught sister in an effort to console her.

As the pain began to subside, Vicky wiped away her tears, her eyes brimming with gratitude for her brother’s help. She realised the importance of remaining calm in a situation like this and the benefit of knowing basic first aid. Determined to equip herself with these vital skills, Vicky decided to ask her brother for guidance, which he gladly agreed to.

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