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Pesan Sekarang

The Importance of Being Careful

The Importance of Being Careful Model Composition 1

“Ready to go for a walk?” I asked, smiling at our new puppy. Tux gave an excited yelp and wagged his tail as we began to stroll down the pavement. With his gleaming black and white fur, Tux resembled a tiny, playful shadow darting around my feet. He sniffed curiously at every leaf and twig with wide-eyed enthusiasm, earning pats as he approached passers-by, his adorable antics too difficult to resist.

As we ambled down the tree-lined street, Tux’s sharp ears picked up the sound of a squirrel rustling in the bushes across the street. His head snapped towards the noise, body tensed like a coiled spring. Before I could tighten my grip on his leash, Tux bolted, and the leash slipped through my fingers like silk.

“Tux, no!” I shouted. “Come back here!” I instinctively sprinted after him, taking a step onto the road. My vision narrowed to the little black and white fur ball as he bounded across the road and disappeared behind a bush. A sudden force yanked me back onto the sidewalk, just as a bright red car zoomed past, missing me by mere inches. It took me a few moments to realise what had happened.

Passers-by rushed over, their expressions a blend of concern and relief. Someone brought Tux back to me, and I held him tight against my chest, his small heart beating fast against mine. Still reeling from the shock, I thanked the man who had saved my life and the passers-by for their help.

As I sat on the couch later that evening, the adrenaline had worn off, leaving a heavy blanket of realisation over my shoulders. It was a harrowing experience, and my carelessness had almost cost me my life. I promised myself to always be careful, and to always keep Tux on a tight leash.

The Importance of Being Careful Model Composition 2

The sun was beginning to set on a Friday evening as I approached the familiar pedestrian crossing near my house. My stomach was growling after a long day at basketball practice, and I simply could not wait to get home!

The traffic light glowed red as I cast a cursory glance at the road. This was a relatively quiet part of the neighbourhood and we seldom had cars coming and going down this street. True to my expectations, there were no cars in sight. In my haste to get home, I stepped onto the road.

I was halfway across when the blare of a horn shattered the silence. Time seemed to slow down as the speeding black car screeched towards me, its tires leaving long, desperate marks on the asphalt. A scream hung on my lips but no sound escaped my open mouth. I stood frozen to the spot, unable to move a single muscle as the car drew closer and closer.

Fortunately, the car came to a stop mere inches away from me. My legs felt like jelly and I collapsed onto the ground. The driver came to my side, clearly shaken from the near-accident as well. His face was pale and he stammered as he asked about my condition. Tears flowed down my cheeks in a mixture of fear and relief.

The incident left a profound impact on me. I realised how a moment of impatience could lead to irreparable consequences and how important it is to remain vigilant at all times, especially on the road. I never crossed at a red light again.

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