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An Occasion When You Helped a Stranger

An Occasion When You Helped a Stranger Model Composition 1
  Jack and Max were walking home from school, chattering away about the latest episode of their favourite cartoon. They had been waiting for this day all week! The cartoon had ended on an exciting cliffhanger the previous week, and the children could not wait to see what would happen next.

  As they hurried through the park, Jack and Max spotted an old lady standing in the middle of the path. She was frantically searching through her purse, looking visibly distressed. They could see the worry etched on her face as she rummaged through her belongings.

  “What happened?” Max asked as they approached the old lady, a note of concern in his voice. The old lady explained that she had lost her wallet and did not know what to do. She had been to the nearby shopping mall, and was taking a break in the park on her way home. It was only then did she realise that her wallet was missing.

  The children exchanged a look. They did not know how long this would take, but they knew what they had to do. Jack asked a series of questions to help them narrow down the possible places where they could search. After getting some information from the old lady, Jack and Max quickly sprang into action.

  They split up and started searching for the missing wallet. Jack went to the nearby benches where the old lady had rested and started searching underneath them. In the meantime, Max went to search around the vending machine where the old lady had purchased a drink.

  Looking carefully, Max spotted a brown leather wallet hidden in the shadows beside the vending machine. He broke into a huge grin. “Jack, I found it!” he shouted, proudly waving it in the air. They rushed back to the old lady and gave her the wallet. She was overjoyed and grateful, thanking the boys for their help.

  As they walked home, Jack and Max felt good about themselves. They had made a difference in someone’s life, and it felt great. They may have missed their cartoon, but they knew they had done something much more important that day.

An Occasion When You Helped a Stranger Model Composition 2
  It was a hot, sunny afternoon. Sam and John were heading to their friend’s house to play video games after their remedial classes. As they passed through the park, they spotted an elderly lady standing in the middle of the path. She looked confused and lost, and was muttering to herself.

  The two boys exchanged a look. Carefully, they approached the elderly lady. “Excuse me, do you need any help?” John asked. The lady looked up at them, tears filling her eyes. She told them that she was lost and could not remember how to get back home. The two boys immediately understood that the elderly lady had dementia.

  Without hesitation, Sam took the lady’s hand and reassured her that they would help her to find her way home. They asked her where she lived, but the lady could not remember her address. Just then, John noticed a tag on the lady’s purse. They found a phone number and an address on the tag.

  Sam fished out his mobile phone and dialled the number. Almost immediately, an anxious voice answered the call. Sam explained the situation calmly and was greeted with a cry of relief. It was the old lady’s daughter, and her family had been worried sick since the elderly lady disappeared from their house that morning.

  Sam and John promised to stay with the old lady as they waited for her family to arrive. As they waited, the lady recounted bits and pieces of her life – from her memories of her childhood to her late husband’s passing. The children listened attentively and asked questions.

  After some time, the lady’s family arrived at the park. She hugged them both and thanked them for their kindness before waving goodbye. As Sam and John walked away, they felt proud of themselves for helping someone in need. They knew that they had made a difference in her life, even if it was just for a few moments.


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