Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

A Disappointment

A Disappointment Model Composition 1

Emily woke up with a sense of anticipation and excitement. It was her tenth birthday and she could not wait to see what was in store for her on her special day. She had been eyeing her cousin’s bicycle for months and had been dropping hints left and right about what she wanted for her birthday present.

As she made her way downstairs, she could not help but steal glances at her parents, who wore knowing smiles. Perhaps they had deciphered her not-so-subtle clues.

“Happy birthday, sweetheart!” they exclaimed in unison, holding out a beautifully-wrapped box. Emily tore into the wrapping paper, uncertainty etched onto her face. The box was big, but definitely not the size of a bicycle. The image of her pedalling away on her dream bike had long since vanished. As the last piece of paper fell away and she pried open the lid of the box, she was crestfallen to find a set of art supplies.

Disappointment flooded her heart. She had longed for the freedom and thrill of riding a bicycle, not a canvas and paint brushes. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she quickly wiped them away. Her parents caught on quickly and realised something was wrong. “We thought you said you wanted to try your hand at painting,” her father explained softly.

Emily’s heart sank. There had been a miscommunication. She did express an interest in painting, but it was in passing, not something she wanted as her birthday present. What she really dreamt of was riding freely through the neighbourhood on a shiny bicycle.

Despite the miscommunication, Emily was grateful for the present. She knew that her parents had her best interests at heart. With a smile on her face, Emily thanked her mother and father for the present. She also promised to be crystal clear when expressing herself in the future, starting with her desire for a bicycle next year.

A Disappointment Model Composition 2

Kai Xin could not wait for her birthday to arrive. She had been counting down to her special day, crossing out the dates on her calendar diligently as the days passed, each stroke bringing her one step closer to the much-awaited celebration.

As the school day came to an end, Kai Xin eagerly made her way home, her anticipation growing with each step. Kai Xin was pleasantly surprised to find her living room decorated with colourful balloons and streamers. Her mother had prepared a table full of mouth-watering dishes. It was everything a child could dream of! Fried chicken, sandwiches, pasta, jelly, and fruit punch. Taking centre stage was a magnificent chocolate cake with her name written in pink icing.

Kai Xin’s heart leapt with joy. Her eyes stopped at a beautifully-wrapped box sitting at the far end of the table. With trembling hands and a smile that stretched from ear to ear, Kai Xin reached for the present. The box was large and heavy. Anticipation fluttered in her chest as she carefully peeled away the wrapping paper, her imagination racing with possibilities.

To her disappointment, nestled within the box was a collection of books. She had conjured up countless possibilities and scenarios, but this had caught her off guard. A hint of disappointment flickered in her eyes, but Kai Xin quickly reminded herself to appreciate the thought and effort behind the gift. “Thank you, Mum and Dad!” Kai Xin smiled.

Over the next few days, Kai Xin explored her new gift. With each turn of the page, Kai Xin embarked on incredible journeys, venturing into magical realms, solving mysteries, and befriending extraordinary characters. Her disappointment was replaced by a newfound love for reading.

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