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Pesan Sekarang

Incident Aboard an MRT Train

Incident Aboard an MRT Train Model Composition 1

It was rush hour, and everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get home. The MRT train was packed to the brim, with passengers crammed shoulder to shoulder. People squeezed themselves into every available space, desperately holding onto handrails and poles for support.

The train doors opened to another frenzied exchange of commuters. A wave of passengers flowed in and out of the train as the flashing lights hurried them along. Among them was an elderly man, fragile and unsteady on his feet. He shuffled along with the crowd on his walking stick, trying to make his way into the train before the doors closed. The elderly man looked around as a kind-hearted lady graciously gave up her seat.

As the train doors closed, a sudden jolt caused the old man to lose his balance. With a startled expression, he stumbled backward, unable to reach the seat in time. A collective gasp rippled through the crowded carriage. Strangers extended their hands immediately, reaching out to steady the old man and prevent his fall.

Together, they held onto the old man and guided him safely to his seat. A few passengers checked on the old man to ensure that he was not feeling any pain or discomfort. The elderly man was deeply moved by the kindness he had received, and thanked the passengers with tearful eyes and a heartfelt smile.

As the train journeyed along to its various destinations, a sense of warmth spread through the passengers’ hearts, reminding them of the beauty that lies within simple acts of kindness.

Incident Aboard an MRT Train Model Composition 2

“It’s here!” Ben cheered as the train came into view. Eager to get out of the hot weather, Samuel, Ben, and Cindy shoved their way to the front of the train doors as it slowed to a halt at the station.

With no seats in sight, the trio settled themselves on the floor right in front of the train doors, school bags scattered haphazardly around them. Ignoring the disapproving glances from their fellow passengers and the grunts of passengers struggling to get into the train around them, Samuel rummaged through his bag and produced a pack of cards. Before long, the three friends had started a rowdy game of “Go Fish”, oblivious to the inconvenience they were causing.

However, fate had a lesson in store for them. At the next station, another student, burdened with books and a drink in hand, attempted to manoeuvre through the cramped space. Unluckily, they tripped over Cindy’s school bag and lost their balance. The student’s drink went flying, splattering across Samuel, Ben, and Cindy, drenching them in a sticky mess.

The nearby passengers rushed to the aid of the student immediately. Together, they helped him up and ensured that he was okay, simultaneously shaking their heads in disapproval at the thoughtlessness displayed by Samuel, Ben, and Cindy. Realisation struck the trio. Lowering their heads in shame, the three friends apologised for their behaviour.

Their misadventure aboard the MRT train became a turning point, a lesson that stayed with them long after the sticky mess had been cleaned up. Samuel, Ben, and Cindy learnt to be responsible in their actions and vowed never to behave in an inconsiderate manner again in future.

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