Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

A School Excursion

A School Excursion Composition 1

The sun hung high in the sky as the students alighted from the bus, chattering animatedly about the animals they were about to see. They were immediately engulfed in a wave of heat, a stark contrast to the cool interior of the school bus. Beads of sweat began to form on their foreheads as a cheery guide greeted them and promised a day of fun.

Armed with their activity booklets, water bottles and sunscreen, Class 3F marched in an orderly fashion past the revolving metal gates and into the zoo. “Wow!” Tim exclaimed, looking around with his eyes as wide as saucers. There was so much to see!

As the class strolled through the zoo with their guide, Tim’s attention was captured by a pair of baboons engaged in a lively game of chase. Entranced by their antics, he instinctively stopped for a look. Tim giggled as he watched the two monkeys chase one another around the enclosure, wrestling and tumbling around. When he finally looked away, Tim froze.

His classmates and teacher were nowhere in sight! Tim’s voice caught in his throat as he tried to call out to them and soon, tears began to well up in his eyes. Panic gnawed at Tim as he stood among the sea of unfamiliar faces, feeling small and isolated. His eyes darted in all directions, hoping to catch a glimpse of the group in their distinctive white and blue school uniform.

“There you are!” a voice cried out. The familiar voice was music to his ears. Tim turned around to see his teacher, Mrs Soh, walking briskly in his direction with a look of anger and relief on her face.

With tears in his eyes, Tim ran to Mrs Soh. He listened attentively as Mrs Soh reminded him about the importance of paying attention and staying together as a group. Tim was immensely relieved to be reunited with his teacher and classmates, and promised to never wander off on his own again.

A School Excursion Composition 2

“We’re here!” cheered the students. The air was filled with anticipation and laughter as Mrs Koh and her class arrived at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, eager to explore the wonders of the great outdoors.

Their journey took them through lush greenery and muddy tracks. Mrs Koh led the way, sharing fascinating facts about the diverse flora and fauna that surrounded them. Every so often, she would stop to point out an interesting plant or insect. Little did they know, their escapade was about to take an unexpected turn.

Unseen eyes watched them from the treetops, and a mischievous troop of monkeys emerged. At first, the students found the monkeys amusing, snapping photos of their antics and giggling at them. Suddenly, a monkey swooped down at the group, snatching a student’s cap. Giggles turned to gasps as more monkeys joined the brazen thief, seizing bags and snatching water bottles.

Mrs Koh swiftly organised the students. She instructed them to remain calm and back away slowly, leading them to a safer spot a distance away from the monkeys. With a mixture of awe and trepidation, they watched as the monkeys rummaged through their belongings, chattering and frolicking about.

After what felt like an eternity, the monkeys finally retreated into the trees, leaving behind a trail of scattered items. Mrs Koh made sure that all the students were okay and gathered up what was left of their belongings before returning to the school bus. Though their excursion had taken an unexpected turn, the class returned with a story that would be retold for years to come.

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