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Pesan Sekarang

An Act of Bravery

An Act of Bravery Composition 1

The golden hues of a setting sun cast a warm glow over the park. Max sat on a weathered bench, ready to indulge in a succulent chicken wing that he had purchased from a nearby stall. Taking a large bite, Max’s face lit up with delight. The crispy skin and juicy meat brought forth a burst of flavour in his mouth.

Suddenly, a menacing growl pierced the air, followed by the sight of a fierce dog lunging toward him. Fear surged through his veins as Max instinctively clutched the chicken wing in one hand, curling into a defensive ball. The dog’s teeth snapped just inches from his face.

From the corner of his eye, Max saw a flash of movement. Another boy, taller and older, raced towards them. Without hesitation, he leaped between Max and the snarling dog, using his backpack as a makeshift shield. The boy, Alex, swung his bag threateningly at the dog. At the same time, he stomped his foot as loudly as he could, hoping that the loud noise and sudden movement would scare the dog away.

However, the dog showed no sign of backing off. Summoning his strength, Alex aimed a precise strike at the dog’s face, hitting it square in the snout. Caught off guard, the dog looked momentarily stunned before letting out a sharp yelp and trotting away.

Offering a steady hand, Alex helped Max to his feet. “Thank you. You saved my life,” Max breathed, his heart still pounding wildly in his chest. Alex smiled. “I’m glad that you’re okay,” he replied. Walking home munching his chicken wing, Max could not help but feel grateful for the stranger who became a hero, and his timely intervention and bravery.

An Act of Bravery Composition 2

Adam was bored. As he wandered through the neighbourhood, his eyes fell upon a new house at the far end of the street. He vaguely recalled his parents talking about the new neighbour that had moved in not long ago. From afar, he could make out a large sign.

“Beware of the Dog,” Adam read as he drew closer. Stealing a glance over the low wooden fence, Adam scanned the yard. True enough, a large hound was sprawled across a sunny spot on the grass, peacefully asleep.

A smile spread across Adam’s face as he gathered a few pebbles from the ground. Taking aim, he flicked the first pebble towards the dog. Bullseye! Rudely awakened from its slumber, the canine’s eyes snapped open.

Adam continued to hurl a barrage of pebbles at the dog. As frustration brewed, the canine lunged forward, teeth bared and snarling. Adam laughed. To his surprise, the dog leapt over the fence and snapped its jaws mere inches away from his face. Panic coursed through Adam as he stumbled backward, realising the gravity of his actions

The dog’s eyes blazed with fury, and its teeth gleamed like sharpened daggers. Free of the confines of the yard, the beast charged at Adam. “Hang on!” came a shout. With a garden hose in his hands, Adam’s neighbour, Jia Heng, turned the water on full blast, creating a high-pressure jet that he aimed at the furious canine.

The sudden torrent of water hit the dog’s face, startling it. The dog, now drenched and disoriented, backed away, its growls turning into whimpers. “Thank you,” Adam breathed, his face as white as a sheet. “You shouldn’t do that,” Jia Heng said, having witnessed the entire episode. Adam knew that Jia Heng was right. He had learnt his lesson. With a heart full of gratitude, Adam thanked the boy for coming to his rescue and vowed never to be mischievous again.

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