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Pesan Sekarang

LCentral English — Friday, 17 September 2021

Temporary Added Safety Measure: Digital Lessons for 2 Weeks

Dear Valued Parents,

Temporary Added Safety Measure

As Singapore begins its journey towards living with Covid-19, the nation begins its transition from a pandemic to an endemic state. It is expected that we will see an increase in daily infections as more restrictions are lifted. At LCentral, we have implemented the revised and tightened Safe Management Measures and SOP requirements to ensure continued safe operations.

We refer to the recent announcement that, as the Singapore government intensifies its effort of testing, we could see an increase of up to 1000 infections daily. The next two weeks could be critical to determine if the numbers will peak and decline as the effort continues to achieve higher vaccination coverage and to intensify testing.

During these critical two weeks, as the cases are expected to continue to spike upwards, it is important to minimise the risk to our students, parents and staff. We also acknowledge the growing concerns among parents, especially with the national exams approaching, to keep our students safe. We have also lately seen an increase in the number of students who are on Leave of Absence and Approved Absence.

Therefore, in the best interests of our students, parents and staff, we have decided to introduce a temporary added safety measure for two weeks.


Temporary Digital Lessons (18 Sept to 3 Oct)

We will be voluntarily suspending physical lessons at all LCentral Centres from Saturday 18 September to Sunday 3 October 2021. This is a temporary added safety measure to safeguard our students, parents and staff, reducing the need for them to come for physical classes amid the spike in confirmed cases. 

Classes will be conducted online as Digital Lessons during this period. There will be no change in the class timing, teachers, curriculum delivery or curriculum standards. Lessons will be conducted in the LCentral Virtual Classroom with live teacher-student interaction for a full 90 minutes. Students will use their issued workbook. There are no other additional resources required.

Parents will be receiving detailed information on the Digital Lessons directly via WhatsApp. We want to assure you that you will be fully supported and our staff will be available to provide timely updates and assistance.


Carefully Calibrated Measures in the Future

Following this temporary suspension of physical lessons across all LCentral centres, we will adopt an approach to assess the situation at each LCental location separately to determine if physical classes can continue safely or if some or all classes must be moved online. This will vary from centre to centre depending on crucial criteria such as the number of cases, formation of clusters close to the centre location, number of students required to be on Leave of Absence, and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

LCentral has always been committed to working in the best interests of our students. We pledge to keep our students’ safety and health as our priority. In the interest of safeguarding everyone’s well-being, we all need to play our part. We seek your kind understanding in working with us to protect the safety of all our students. 


Yours Sincerely,
LCentral Head Office

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