Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

Success Stories & Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Norah and Clara

“Both Norah and Clara enjoy studying at LCentral. We can see the improvements over the past years. Especially for Clara, who from being a shy girl, has become more approachable. Clara can now speak confidently, and her pronunciation has improved. LCentral is both their favourite enrichment school and are looking forward to attending class every week.” -Ms Thandar Lwin

Zachariah and Zephaniah

“Zachariah and Zephaniah are attending LCentral close to 2 years. Zachariah joined when he was in P2 and Zephaniah joined when he was in K2. Zachariah is coping well in his class and can now write a more detailed and descriptive composition. Zephaniah loves reading and takes pride in being able to read difficult words. LCentral has definitely helped both my children in their English language development.” -Ms Shannon Ng

Aiden and Eason

“Aiden and Eason both love their teachers at LCentral. The teachers know best how to develop an interest in the language and be patient with the students. Both my children have improved a lot in their reading and writing skills.-Ms Alice Yan


“My daughter Lexuan has been attending the LiftOff programme and I am really pleased with the significant progress she has made. Within six months, she has become a lot more confident in reading independently. I think that the curriculum is very robust and has provided her with a strong foundation for literacy success.-Ms Sharon


“The very first impression we got of LCentral is the cozy learning environment which we think is one of the important elements for a child’s development. The teachers at LCentral are very patient with their students. They constantly provide guidance dan accommodate individual needs.” -Ms Irene
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