Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

Keller really enjoyed her lessons at LCentral

Keller really enjoyed her lessons at LCentral as the learning environment was very conducive and the lessons were interesting . The teachers were all really helpful in answering her questions and the learning materials were detailed. LCentral has helped Keller achieve AL 1 in English for PSLE and I would highly recommend LCentral to other parents .

LCentral has helped me by teaching me how to write detailed and descriptive compositions

I have joined LCentral since I was 5 years old till 12 years old.LCentral has helped me by teaching me how to write detailed and descriptive compositions such as expanding my range of vocabulary and adding model compositions is the handbook provided when I reached Primary 6. There were also many intensive lessons and mastery workshops that was fun and easy to understand.

Programme child is in: PSLE

We had a wonderful experience in Bedok LCentral.

We had a wonderful experience in Bedok LCentral. The staff is supportive to accommodate the request from parents. The teacher is patient and knowledgeable. My kids like the teacher so he learned an alot along the way.

Programme child is in: Primary Practice

She has improved a lot in her Reading and Writing.

My daughter had struggle in reading English and less interest in studies due to lack of reading ability. After she started to attend with Lcentral English classes, she has improved a lot in her reading and writing. Though she has some difficulties, She has more interest and confidence to read and write, She is now trying to read any materials such as story books , pamphlets, sign boards etc., and test herself.

I would like to thank to the friendly staffs , always accommodating, helping to schedule replacement classes , sending online review materials immediately. A special thanks to Ms Zalirah , the class teacher helped my daughter to overcome her difficulties and gave extra time to review and correct her academic test results. Greatly appreciated! A highly recommended enrichment Center!!

Location very Strategic and near my Home

All my 3 kids at Lcentral for English tuition at Bedok. Location very strategic and near my home.

My P1 kid unable to read initially and Lcentral has tremendously improved his reading. Lcentral taught him the skill how to read the word.

My P3 & P5 kid also improved their writing skill for composition.

The best of all, every each lesson they will sent me an update of what had they learned so I can monitor the progress.

The reception staff also very friendly and helpful. Prompt and responsive. Sometimes I came late to fetch my kid around 9.15pm & she accompanied my kid without complaint & no rushing me.
Not like other centre, they will chasing & rushed me because they want to closed for the day.

Great service from the staff.

Son’s Love for the English Language

Thanks to LCentral Bedok, my son’s love for the English language has grown, and he now loves reading!

The teachers here are committed and dedicated, the kindly frontdesk staff will always forward the lesson review after the lesson. It really helps me to understand what the child learnt in the classroom! The center environment is also safe. These are all important aspects of how a well-run enrichment center should be.

Thanks to all the teachers and staff!

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