Pesan Sekarang

Pesan Sekarang

The LCentral Experience –
Now at HarbourFront Centre!

We are bringing the LCentral experience to you in a
brand-new arrangement in collaboration with Agora Colearning!

Who is Agora?

Agora Colearning is Singapore’s first one-stop space for children to play and learn.
The Space. Located on the 4th floor of Harbourfront Centre, Agora features a wide range of facilities that includes a colearning lounge, library, outdoor playspace, multi-function studios, and modern classrooms that allows children to play, rest, socialise and learn.

Plans and Courses. Parents can choose from a range of courses provided by best-in-class enrichment providers, all under one roof! With Agora Care and Access plans, children can also take advantage of the space and facilities to complete their homework, read and play – all within a safe and supervised environment.

Agora’s unique concept brings convenience and value to parents by creating a community for children to be.

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Why Agora?

At LCentral, we work in the best interests of every child. Agora’s concept of an environment centered around children’s learning and development aligns closely with LCentral’s vision of providing an enhanced educational experience that focuses on academic success, leadership qualities and the love of learning.

It provides a conducive environment that encourages independence and learning, all while ensuring that the children’s well-being and safety are well taken care of.

By partnering with Agora, we hope to bring the LCentral experience to you by engaging children with quality English enrichment conducted by an LCentral English specialist as part of their after-school care.

LCentral at Agora!

LCentral’s classes will be conducted in Agora’s modern classrooms that feature a smart board and furniture that can be reconfigured and combined to meet the needs of the lesson and the children. This classroom design complements the immersive, interactive, and dynamic nature of LCentral’s 360 Teaching Method, allowing students to have an experience comparable to that at our 13 centres islandwide.

On top of this, students also get to enjoy the range of facilities and services available at Agora, allowing them to immerse themselves in an environment that encourages colearning, growth and development.

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Blog author LCentral team of English specialists

Behind our team of dynamic teachers is a support team of English specialists and curriculum experts, who are responsible for the development and delivery of LCentral’s programmes. The Curriculum Support Team is committed to ensuring that all teachers fulfil their teaching potential. The team provides teachers not just with curriculum support but also with ongoing training and professional development.

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