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Caught in a Storm

Caught in a Storm Model Composition 1
  Luke had overslept and was late for school. His mother handed him an umbrella as he rushed out the front door, advising him to take it. Luke, however, dismissed her advice and left hurriedly without the umbrella.

  On the way to school, large storm clouds gathered in the sky. Luke became increasingly concerned. Suddenly, the heavens opened and rain poured down. He searched for shelter but could not find any. In a desperate attempt, Luke ran as fast as an arrow. He hoped to get to school as quickly as possible.

  Unfortunately, Luke slipped and fell into a puddle by the school gates, soaking himself and his school bag. He also had a sore bottom. Groaning, he picked himself up and trudged into school.

  When Luke arrived in his classroom, he was the only one drenched from head to toe. The other students stared and giggled. Feeling embarrassed and foolish, Luke realised that he should have listened to his mother’s advice.

Caught in a Storm Model Composition 2
  Ben’s mother stopped him at the front door and handed him an umbrella. “Take it with you,” she said. “Just in case.” Looking up at the clear, blue sky, Ben assured her that he would not need it and set off for school.

  Not long after, a heavy downpour started. Rain fell in sheets, and flashes of lightning filled the sky. All around him, students hurriedly opened their umbrellas to stay dry.

  There was no shelter in sight. Running in the direction of his school, Ben became increasingly worried as he continued to get wet. It felt like an eternity before the school came into view. In his haste, Ben slipped on a puddle of water outside the school gates and fell.

  Ben was as wet as a fish when he stepped into the freezing classroom. From that day on, he checked the weather report daily and always had a foldable umbrella in his bag. It was better to be safe than sorry!