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Incident at the Supermarket

Incident at the Supermarket Model Composition 1
  Bryan was feeling uninterested as he watched his mum select items from the shelves. He was grocery shopping with his mother at the supermarket, but all he could think of was to hurry home to play with his new toy race car.

  Wanting to entertain himself, he imagined being a race car driver and pushed the trolley down the aisle at full speed. However, his amusement quickly turned to alarm as he lost control of the trolley, causing it to fly like a runaway train and collide with a female shopper with tremendous force. The woman screamed in agony.

  Hearing the commotion and noticing her missing son and trolley, Bryan’s mother rushed to the scene. She apologised to the injured shopper, who was fuming mad but ultimately forgave him.

  Bryan received an earful from his mother that evening. He was filled with remorse for what he had done and promised not to do something so foolish again.

Incident at the Supermarket Model Composition 2
  Tom was tagging along with his mother as they ran errands at the supermarket. He found himself bored as his mother meticulously picked items from the shelves.

  Looking at the shopping trolley in front of him, an idea started to form in his head. Tom began to imagine that he was on a top-secret mission and had to gather supplies to save the world.

  With a newfound sense of purpose, Tom began to zoom down the aisles, weaving in and out of shoppers with his trolley, grabbing essential items for his mission. A lady came into view as he rounded the corner but it was too late. He tried to swerve out of the way, but the trolley continued to speed forward. It crashed into the lady and sent her groceries tumbling to the floor.

  Tom was mortified. He rushed over to help her pick up her things just as his mother appeared at the scene. The lady got up slowly to her feet and glared at Tom disapprovingly. She told him that he should not be playing around in the store.

  Tom lowered his head and apologised. He realised that his actions could have serious consequences and vowed to be more aware of his surroundings in the future.