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Incident at a Restaurant

Incident at a Restaurant Composition 1

It was a Friday evening. Shi Jie, Shi Ling and their parents were dining at a new restaurant in town. Their mouths watered as they looked at the wide selection of dishes on the menu while a cheery waitress gave thoughtful recommendations and took their orders.

Shi Jie began to grow restless as they waited for their food to arrive and an idea soon formed in his head. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, he kicked Shi Ling under the table. This caused Shi Ling to become irritated. However, her annoyance only served to fuel his actions further.

The two children continued to fight, causing an awful din in the restaurant. The other diners clicked their tongues in disapproval as Mr and Mrs Tan tried to break up the children’s fight to no avail.

“Stop it!” Shi Ling finally yelled in frustration, retaliating with a hard shove. Caught off guard by the sudden force, Shi Jie tumbled backwards in his seat, knocking into a waitress who had come to serve soup. The bowl of soup teetered dangerously at the edge of the tray before spilling its contents onto Shi Jie’s shirt.

Thankfully, Shi Jie was not scalded by the soup. Mr Tan swiftly wiped his shirt with tissues while Mrs Tan reprimanded the children for their actions. The siblings apologised to their parents and the waitress, and promised to behave themselves in future.

Incident at a Restaurant Composition 2

The Lee family was seated at a cosy table at their favourite restaurant. It was Lynn’s birthday, and the family had made a reservation weeks in advance to celebrate her special day.

After a friendly waitress had taken their orders, Lynn made a comment about Kai’s choice of food. She teased him for not being able to handle spicy dishes, unlike herself. This struck a nerve in Kai. The siblings started to bicker and fight, much to the dismay of their parents and the other diners in the restaurant. Mr and Mrs Lee sternly reminded the children to behave themselves, but their words fell on deaf ears.

“Ah!” came a sudden cry. Amidst their fight, Kai had bumped into a waitress who arrived at their table with soup. The waitress lost control of her tray, causing a bowl of soup to spill over onto Kai. A collective gasp filled the restaurant.

Fortunately, the soup was warm. The children’s eyes grew as wide as saucers when they realised what they had done. It also dawned on them how severe the consequences could have been if the soup had been scalding hot.

Mr Lee helped to wipe the soup from Kai’s shirt while Mrs Lee reprimanded Lynn for provoking her brother. Shaken by the incident, the children apologised for their actions and helped to clean up the mess. They vowed to behave themselves and be careful around hot food in future.