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Hop on an Egyptian adventure as we immerse your child in the majestic land of the pharaohs! This June, LCentral brings you three carefully-curated writing programmes for K1 to P4 students. Your child will learn about narrative plot structure and discover three effective writing techniques to enhance their creative writing skills!

Students will:

Analyse an Egyptian
-themed story

Participate in hands-on, literacy-based activities
– Story Pyramid

Explore historical facts about Egypt
– Hieroglyphs

Create Egyptian literacy crafts
– Story Cube

Author their very own adventure storybook!

What will my child learn?

K1 & K2

Get a head start on your child’s writing!

  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Use punctuation to convey meaning
  • Write a creative narrative with teacher guidance

P1 & P2

Boost your child’s writing skills!

  • Analyse 3 effective writing techniques
  • Expand general knowledge of the world by learning facts about modern and ancient Egypt

P3 & P4

Enhance your child’s writing skills!

  • Write a well-structured, creative story using the 5 aspects of narrative plot structure
  • Gain a better appreciation of the world and others by reflecting on the beliefs, customs and culture of ancient Egypt

3 day Programme – 3hr per session

LCentral Student Price – $380

Public Price – $420

Bundle Price – Bundle of 2 pax or more – Additional 20% off

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Hop on an Egyptian adventure as we immerse your child in the majestic land of the pharaohs!

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An exciting adventure awaits!