Come join the
LCentral Family!


Join us in our vision to empower every

child through literacy, learning

and leadership qualities!


As Singapore’s premier specialist

English enrichment provider, we invite

you to participate in shaping children’s

futures by journeying with them

in their learning experience.

We are looking for:

  1. Schools, businesses and individuals who believe in the power of education and want to be part of a collaborative education ecosystem.
  2. Individuals who want to attain financial success through business ownership by working on and/or in the business with capital investment from 50,000 SGD.
  3. Schools and businesses looking to collaborate and include our programme into their existing organisations and platforms.

Franchise Benefit and Support:

Initial Support:

  • Site selection support
  • Centre design guidelines
  • Initial training and on-site setup
  • Programme materials

Ongoing Support:

  • Business reviews and consultation
  • Ongoing training support as required

Application Steps

Exploration of interest

1. Submit the Enquiry Form / Application Form

2. Exploratory call / meeting with the Franchisor

3. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement


4. Submit a Business Plan and proposed location for Centre

5. Discuss Terms of Franchise

6. Sign Letter of Intent and pay deposit

Finalization of details

7. Sign Franchise Agreement and pay remaining initial fees

8. Site renovation and training for teachers and franchise personnel

9. Setup within 1 month and start the centre operations

Who are we?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LCentral?

LCentral is a reputable Premier English Specialist providing quality English enrichment for students from Nursery 1 to Primary 6.

Established in 2008, LCentral is an award-winning Singapore brand owned by LCentral Pte Ltd (Master Franchisor). LCentral has 14 years of track record managing an education brand and industry experience operating a franchise business.

LCentral has 13 centres across Singapore with a good mix of franchise-owned and directly owned centres. LCentral has developed a long-term business partnership and relationship with Franchise owners, with some owning more than one LCentral centre.

What are the specialised products that LCentral offer?

LCentral specialises in all aspects of literacy development, focusing on timeless skills, including reading, writing, speaking and listening.

LCentral’s unique, structured, and progressive curriculum has been carefully developed based on research and understanding of the literacy requirements and academic needs of students from the ages of 3 to 12 years old.

LCentral’s core English enrichment products include:

  • Essential Pre-Reading Skills Programme (3 – 5 years old)
  • Structured Reading Programme (5 to 8 years old)
  • Primary School Preparation Programme (6 years old)
  • Comprehensive Lower Primary Programme (7 to 9 years old)
  • Intensive and Exam-Mastery Upper Primary Programme (10 to 12 years old)
  • Specialised Creative Writing Programme (7 to 12 years old)


As the Premier English Specialist, LCentral has developed and provides a range of products to supplement or enhance specific areas of literacy development that include:

  • Speech and Drama (3 to 6 years old)
  • Creative Writing Holiday Programmes (7 to 12 years old)
  • Short Courses (7 to 12 years old)
  • G.R.O.W Programme for Lower Primary Students (7 to 9 years old)

LCentral 360 is LCentral’s unique teaching method to create meaningful and inspiring classroom experiences. LCentral 360 features a smart classroom that blends innovative classroom practices with technology for an all-around sensational experience.

LCentral is committed to nurturing each child’s potential in the areas of Literacy, Learning and Leadership.

What rights will I be given under the franchise?

Early childhood development, including early literacy, is a booming market with strong demand in Asia. LCentral’s structured and progressive literacy programmes are easily adaptable and meet the literacy development needs of the Regional markets.

LCentral is a trusted and reputable brand positioned for rapid expansion regionally.

We are primarily looking for prospects for overseas expansion as Area Franchisees. Area Franchisees will develop the LCentral brand in a specific territory. The Area Franchisee is required to develop and manage a specified number of centres within a pre-defined territory. Subsequently, the rights for sub-franchising will be given upon meeting certain conditions. This will allow the Area Franchisees to benefit significantly from scaling up the business and expanding the LCentral Brand.

LCentral Area Franchisees should preferably be/have a manager or principal who can be proactive and dedicated to managing and overseeing the LCentral business.

On a case-to-case basis, the Master Franchisor is also open to considering offering a single-unit franchise license in Singapore.

Must I manage the business full-time?

Preferably, the ideal Area Franchisee should have a passion for education. This individual should become the managing principal of the LCentral Centre, and LCentral’s business and franchise training will equip the individual with the management skills required to run the school.

If the Area Franchisee is a corporation or a businessman who is not involved with the day-to-day operation of the school, then it will be preferable that they open/own [5] or more franchises. This allows for greater opportunities to scale up the business and take advantage of the economy of scale and shared resources.

In any case, the Master Franchisor will provide you with the necessary training and handholding; from guiding the Area Franchisee in recruitment, marketing and managing the day-to-day operations.

Is there anything that I have to purchase from the Franchisor? If yes, what are they?

It is mandatory to purchase all course materials & resources from the Franchisor or approved suppliers.

Who decides on the location of the centre? Will you help in finding a location for me? What kind of locations do you look out for?

The Master Franchisor highly encourages the Area Franchisee to do their homework and research in searching for a suitable location. Location is crucial for business and growth. The Master Franchisor will evaluate the proposed site to see if it is ideal as an LCentral centre. Additionally, the Master Franchisor will shortlist the proposed locations and go on on-site visits with you and give feedback for these locations.

Testimonials from existing Franchisee

Having learned of the LCentral brand and franchise system from another franchisee I knew personally, I could start an LCentral franchise business with absolute confidence thanks to the solid and consistent franchise support that was provided to me.

I was most impressed and reassured of my confidence in the LCentral brand when I witnessed the Master Franchisor’s fast and sensible response to an unprecedented and challenging situation, i.e. Covid-19 Pandemic.

Apart from LCentral’s trusted reputation among parents and good standing in the market, I like that they always emphasise working together and collaborating at all levels instead of taking a typical Franchisor-Franchisee, top-down approach.

LCentral’s complete business system, great (and customised) marketing support and strong HR support make it an ideal education franchise to enter into a business partnership.

Mr Albert Lim

Business Owner and LCentral Franchisee

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